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Facebook Singles in my area search for Relationship”. Are you down of searching for a serious relationship on different dating websites? Well, it’s great that you can now use your Facebook account to connect to your chosen person.  There are different sites that have been created for dating, most of which have limitations.

Facebook dating that is barely one plus is now one of the best places you can meet with single women near you and other parts of the world. There are lots of single women on Facebook within and outside your location. Most of them you will know that they are single when you check out their profile. Every Facebook user has marital status

Facebook Singles in My Area

Facebook has brought more features to its platform including Facebook marketing, Facebook business, Facebook dating, and a lot more other feature. Some of these features are available in some countries and soon will be in more countries. Facebook dating feature brings single people together into serious relationships or even marriage.

For you to get single women near you on Facebook, you will have to be a Facebook user by registering for Facebook or signing in.

Facebook Sign Up

To Sign up for Facebook go to your web browser or get the app from your mobile device app store. Then you:

  • Search for the URL www.facebook.com or open the app on your mobile.
  • Click or tap on Sign UP.
  • Fill in your first name, last name, birthday, and your mobile number or email.
  • Verify with the code sent to your number or email, whichever you provided.
  • Your profile will be created and you will be directed to your profile page.
  • Other settings can be done on your profile platform.
  • Single Women Near Me on Facebook

There are lots of ways that Facebook has provided to enable Facebook users to go into a serious relationship. Some of these ways which include Facebook Dating, date or relationship groups, and others which will be known by you as you read on.

Facebook Dating App Download

The Facebook Dating is restricted and currently only accessible by users from these countries including Argentina, Malaysia, Bolivia, Philippines, Guyana, Columbia, Ecuador, Laos, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Canada, Chile, Singapore, Brazil, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Unites States. And it will be available and accessible to other countries users during the years.

Facebook Dating App for Singles

If you are in the countries listed at the top of this Facebook Dating feature is available in your country you will see a Crush Icon or dating option at the menu icon on the top right side of the Facebook site or app. Also, you must be above 18 years old to partake in this feature. Then you will:

  • Click on Dating from the options on the menu. You will have to create a Facebook Dating profile as it has a different profile from your original Facebook profile.
  • Fill in the required information for your registration. Your Facebook Dating profile will be created. And other single women on this Facebook Dating platform will be matched to you based on your interests.
  • Facebook Dating or Relationship Pages/Groups

This is another Facebook feature that can enable Facebook users to find single women near them on the Facebook site. There are lots of love, relationship, and single pages/groups on Facebook. On these pages/groups are other single Facebook users searching for a partner. You can access these platforms on Facebook by simply using the search bar to search for Single Women near me. Some of these pages include:

  • Relationship&Marriage. (Page)
  • Relationship. (Page)
  • Relationship Rules. (Page)
  • Relationship and Dating. (Page)
  • Relationships, Dating, Marriage, and Divorce. (Page)
  • The Single Woman. (Page)
  • Single women. (Page)
  • Dating Rich Women Online. (Page)
  • Meet Single Divorced.
  • Single Ready For Marriage. (Group)
  • Singles Group. (Group)
  • Women seeking men near me. (Page)
  • And lots more
  • How to Get Single Women Near you on Facebook

After searching for these pages/groups, you will have to either like the page or join the group to access the post made on the group/page. It may take some time for the page/group admin to accept you to these pages/groups. After you have joined:

You can go to the page/group members and search for female users whose locations are near you to start a meaningful relationship conversation with. Or you can search for other users’ comments or likes on the post from the pages/groups. Send the users near you a friend request and start meaningful relationship conversations to pick up the first interaction.

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