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It is not too long that my account on Facebook had an issue and began to ask my friends how I could find my old Facebook account since the new one has been hacked. Not even my own problem, there have been many reports of loss of Facebook account. Unlike my issue, some are caused by the wrong use of Username or password.

The illicit activities of hackers and the deactivation of the account by Facebook Inc have also been attributed to this. Depending on how you take your Facebook account you can find and recover the account if you want.

No doubt that Facebook is the best social networking service today with millions of users across all the Countries. It is a good platform where one can get connected to friends, family, and business associates. Users can share their important moments on social networks and it will get all over the world owing to a large number of users. No wonder why big companies like Google, Amazon, Ali Baba, Apple, and many other tech giants always run advertisements on Facebook.

Because many Facebook users now save sensitive information on their account, hackers are always on the look for the Facebook account to invade and access the privacy of such user. Hence, updating your password at least once a month is a great idea.

How do you find your old Facebook account?

You can recover your Facebook account on the website or through the App by following these 4 methods that I used to find my old Facebook account. However, you can’t be talking about how to recover your Facebook account when you have not registered any. To use the Facebook account recovery page you must have created a Facebook account.

You can learn more about how to create a Facebook account and find new friends. Facebook is among the apps which every smartphone user has on their devices. It’s pre-installed on some phone.

The easiest way I find my Facebook account is by using the account ID. It is the Username, email, or phone number you used to create the account that will be used to retrieve FB account. So you can’t log in to your account if you forgot the password.

There are four (4) different ways in which you can find and recover your Facebook account

  1. By resetting your Facebook password
  2. Through your Facebook Friends
  3. By changing your password
  4. By contacting Facebook Support Team.

Why can’t find your old Facebook account?

It occurs to many of us. It could be you’ve gotten a new device or that you just want to reset your Facebook password, but you can’t remember your existing password to do so or probably you have Facebook marketing account for your business, and the administrator who set up the account is no longer working in the company.


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Whatever your reason, when you find yourself stuck trying (and failing) to remember your Facebook password, here are what you should do to reset the account.

1. How do I find my Old Facebook Account with ID

Resetting a Facebook password with the help of username is the best simplest way to recover your Facebook account. Even when you have forgotten the password it is likely that you still remember your username. Even where you do not remember the username of your account, you can get it from your existing friends. Getting started

  • Open the Facebook App on your phone then tap on login

Facebook Login Form

  • Tap on Forgotten Password? It’s located below Log in the tab.

Facebook Account Search form

  • Choose the option with which you want to find your account, either a phone number or Email address. Any option you select must be connected with your Facebook account. Let’s Use email for instance.
  • Enter the Email address you used during registration
  • Tap on search. Your account that’s identified to the Email will display on your screen
  • Tap on getting a code and then open your Mailbox and copy out the recovery code.
  • Enter the code on the box then tap Continue
  • Now, create a Facebook password and confirm it in the next box.

You have successfully reset your password.

2. Find my Facebook Account through a Friends

If you don’t recover the account Using the above method may be because you no longer have access to the email listed on your account then you recover it through your Facebook Friends. However, before you used this method to find your account you must have Trusted Contacts Set up. Where you add up to three of your friends who you trust.

  • To get the recovery code, go to the Facebook Login page and click on Forgot Password?
  • Find your Facebook account by entering your email, Username or phone number and then click Search
  • When the result Show, click on “No longer have access to these”
  • Type in a new phone number or email address
  • Click “Continue” then click Reveal my Trusted Contacts
  • Enter the full name of your Trusted Contact. A link containing the recovery code and instruction on how To get the code will appear on your screen.
  • Send the link to that your Trusted Friend and ask the person to send you the recovery code on it.
  • If prompted, enter the code and access your account.

From there you can change your password.

Another way you can find and regain access to your Facebook account is by changing the password. Facebook alerts you whenever there’s any untrusted log in activities on your account. But to take advantage of this you must have the account connected to your email. Once you receive such a message from Facebook, quickly open the email and follow the link which Facebook will send you and access your account immediately. Make sure the link is truly from Facebook Inc and then proceed to change your password.

3. How To Change Facebook Password

  • Tap on the menu tab then tap on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Security and Login
  • Tap Change Password and enter the following: Your current password’ New password and then re-type the new password.
  • Tap Save Changes

4. Contact Facebook Community

Lastly, if you still not regain access to a Facebook account is to contact Facebook Support Team by sending them a message of the kind of issues you are having with your account.

  • Go to the Facebook community
  • Select the questions related to the issue you have with your account
  • If prompted, fill the report form accordingly and submit.

You have to wait for some days as recovering your Facebook account through this method does take a longer time.

You’ll receive a message containing instruction on how to recover your account and if it is not possible, Facebook will also let you know.

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