How to hide Mutual Friends on Facebook

This is how to hide mutual friends on Facebook. If you don’t want to show your friends list to anyone, this process will definitely help you hide all your friends in your Facebook account. Facebook has recently developed many privacy settings that can easily help you hide all privacy in your FB account. Every Facebook user can easily control all of these. Now, in this content, you will find that hiding Facebook friends list is easy.

As the world’s largest social networking site, FaceBook has recently undergone many updates. You can now get an amazing experience on FaceBook without worrying about your privacy. Under privacy settings, you can find many security options that can help you stay safe.

How can I hide mutual friends on Facebook?

Some people don’t want to hide their Facebook friends list, but some people want to. Every Facebook user has his own view to control his Facebook account. Maybe they are trying to provide security protection for family or friends so that other Facebook users cannot talk to them and see what they have written on the wall.

If you are unwilling to share your Facebook friend list with the public or other friends, then Facebook provides an opportunity to hide your Facebook friend list from others. This is a very simple method, and you are only a few steps away. Therefore, to perform this operation, you must follow some of the steps shown below;

  • First, log in to your Facebook account and then go to your Facebook profile page.
  • Then you will see the “Friends” option in it, just click it. It will open a list of all your Facebook friends.

I found that many people want to know the option to hide “Hide Friends” on FaceBook. If you are more concerned about “Mutual Friends” and “Friend List”, then this technique will be very convenient for you.

How to hide mutual friends on Facebook

There is no direct solution to hide your mutual friends on FaceBook. But there is an indirect way to prevent them from appearing. FB’s service centre pointed out that you have hidden your friend’s list, but you cannot hide mutual friends, such as Mutual Friends. Therefore, this technique will help you easily hide “common friends” on FaceBook.

Hide friends list in FaceBook

Therefore, starting with the trick, you will need to hide the buddy list. This option is kept in a safe or hidden place, so many people may not know it.

  • Log in to Facebook and go to your friend’s list
  • Now click on Manage Options and select Edit Privacy
  • You will pop up a pop-up window with several options. To hide your friend’s list on FaceBook, you need to select the ” Only Me ” option for the “Who can see your friends list” setting.
  • Therefore, no one but you can now see your friends list on FaceBook.

Why Can’t I Hide mutual friends on FaceBook?

As I disclosed before; there is no direct setup to do this, but there is a little trick to help you accomplish it. This will be a two-sided or multi-sided setting, and I will tell you why.

Simply put, there is no such option to hide mutual friends. However, you can use this process to hide mutual friends from your Facebook account. Set your Facebook friend list privacy setting to “Only me” Now, check your Facebook profile. Consult with friends who are shown as mutual friends on your Facebook profile to also set their Facebook friend list privacy settings to ” Only Me”.

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After completion, no one will see your mutual friends.

The only way to solve this problem is to set the privacy of your friend’s list to “Only me”. Please note that this does not prevent your mutual friends from seeing each other unless one of the mutual friends can only see his friend list. got it? Make the friend list visible only to you, and mutual friends only visible to them.  The concept of displaying mutual friends on Facebook is to assume that both A and B are Facebook friends.


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