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Losing access to your Pinterest account is a worrisome incident. The range of possible causes goes from common issues to serious concerns. So, if you are the one who cannot login to your Pinterest account, we have a well-explained guide for you. Login  and  Why you Cannot Log into Pinterest Plus Solution

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Steps to Login

Before looking at the causes for a failed login attempt, check if you are doing it the right way.

  • Go to Using your web browser, go to the Pinterest home page and you will see the homepage you’ll get the Login tab.

image of Login form
Pinterest Login Form
  • Enter the Email Address, in the upper-right corner of the screen, there is a field to enter your email or phone you have created your account with. If you don’t have an account, you can simply create a Pinterest account with your phone number or email address.
  • Enter the Password; next, enter the password to log into your Facebook account in the field next to the email address.
  • Log In- Once you are done filling the login details, the last step is to click on ‘Login. Login on Pinterest App

The advantage of using the Pinterest App for login is that it keeps your information for the next time you would want to login to your account. But before you keep login details active, make sure you are not using another person’s phone.

To log into Pinterest with the App, download and install the App from your phone Store if you do not have it already.

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Tap on “Login”
  • Enter your Username (Email or phone number, whichever one you used to Sign up the Pinterest account)
  • Enter your password and tap Login.

Pinterest Login Problems You Need To Fix

If you are wondering why you cannot log into Pinterest Possible causes of Login issues are here:

Before jumping straight to the solution for login problems, it is necessary to understand the causes behind why cannot you log into Pinterest. For this go through the points given below and check which one is causing trouble for you:

Authenticator time not correct with time in your location: When you set up two-factor authentication on your Pinterest you are expected to Use the code whenever you access the account. And one of the common reasons you cannot log into the Pinterest account today is that the time in your authenticator all does not correspond with the time in your region.

Forgotten password: If you are getting an “incorrect password” message, it means either you have forgotten the password or you are typing it wrong.

Wrong email address: The wrong or incorrect password can keep you from accessing your account even after several login attempts. It is not always about password sometimes, an incorrect email address can cause the “unable to login to Pinterest” issue. So, take help from “recover your account”.

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Cache, cookies, and history: The accumulated cache, cookies, and footprints can cause login issues and hence needed to be deleted at regular intervals.

Caps-lock: Pinterest password field is case sensitive. If the caps-lock is on, there are chances that you face issue while logging in, Hence one make sure that the caps-lock is off while typing the password.

Browser issues: If your browser is undergoing an error, the temporary login issues are very common. So, one must fix the browser error to resolve the login issue.

Hacked Pinterest account: If someone has hacked your Pinterest account, you cannot log in to your Pinterest account. Hence you first need to restore your account and then login.

Disabled Pinterest account: In case your Pinterest account is locked or disabled, you will face the log in issue for sure.

Malware or virus: If there is malware or virus on your device, it can create issues and Pinterest login error is one of them.

Make sure that Pinterest is not down: If Pinterest is down for everyone, and then neither you nor anyone can log in. You can either use a third party website to check or use more than one account to check whether you can log in again.

The solution to login problems are here;

  • Sync your authenticator App by going to the Settings, tap on “correction for codes, then tap “Sync now”. Once you run these settings, copy the code and place it on the appropriate section. Then tap Login.
  • Make sure you are typing the correct username and password. Otherwise, you can recover the forgotten username and password very easily from the login page itself.
  1. For this follow the steps given here:
  2. First, go the Pinterest login page
  3. Click on “forgotten account”

Now type a phone number or email address in the respective field.
Pinterest will ask you to provide the email address or phone number for the same. Next, you will be asked to choose the recovery methods and after this, you need to verify your identity by typing the verification code you receive on your email address or phone

  • Remove every stored information such as cookies, cache, and history from your device browser and check it can help.
  • Phishing is consistently growing over the web. This technique can steal your password and other information. It is the same thing that is used to hack your Pinterest account, so make sure you are using the right measures to secure your account from the cyberpunks. To secure your account from phishing, make sure you don’t click on everything you see on Pinterest. Check the security status of the website before opening it.
  • If your system is affected by Malware, Pinterest will not let you log in. in such cases, here is what you can do:
  • Run antivirus and make sure your system is free from any sort of malware and virus.
  • Make sure Pinterest is added to the trusted sites so that it doesn’t prevent you from accessing it.
  • If Pinterest detects malware you will get a message that your account has been temporarily locked. You are instructed to continue with the account unlock process.

These are things you need to do when you “cannot log into Pinterest account” but if things are not in your hands anymore, contact Pinterest officials through Customers Center Contact.


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