How to Factory Reset Android Phone or Tablet

In most cases, an Android device becomes occupied with unnecessary files, starts to slow down or stops responding to commands altogether. In this case, what you need is to Factory reset the Android phone. In addition, hard reset will help if you have forgotten the password for the gadget and cannot turn it on.

After you factory reset your Android Phone you will lose all the data that was stored in the smartphone’s memory: phone numbers, applications, SMS messages, account data and calendar entries. In a word, the phone will be as good as new. To avoid losing the information you need, back up your data. Transfer them to your SD card, save them to the cloud, or drop them onto your computer.

So, Factory resetting is a means in which data in a phone are deleted on mobile phones. It can be done on both smartphones and java phones. Factory settings clear up all data saved in a phone and leave the phone in a condition it was before usage. Therefore to factory reset Android means to delete every saved data on the phone. After the factory reset, the phone normally goes back to its default state.

Why You May Need Factory Reset on Your Android

There are so many reasons why Smartphone users like Android or Tablet may decide to factory reset their phones. Lifewire said factory reset Android process “is like getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist. The entire gunk is removed, leaving you fresh and clean”

One of the primary reasons for resetting an Android phone or tablet is to fix problems. Sometimes problems in our Android are caused by data saved in the phone, such as apps from unknown sources. You will discover that it gets to the time when your Android or tablet will start hanging as a result of the files you installed in it. Hence, the factory reset Android to correct the problem.

Another reason is when one wants to transfer ownership to another and does not want to transfer it with some personal data on the phone. In such cases, the first user will like to factory reset Android or tablet and leave the phone as to when first purchased. In addition, the second receiver or purchaser of the Android may like to have the phone as to when first purchased to enable him to save his own data.

It is necessary for you to backup your data before you proceed to reset your Android or Tablet. Hence the need to reconsider your decision and know whether the factory reset will do more harm than good.

Factory Reset Android Phone Locked

However, before you proceed to factory reset your Android you need to consider the possible disadvantages which are;

  • If your data is not properly backed up you may end up losing your data without getting them back.
  • Android factory reset may be a breach of Android settings.
    Some important features may be wiped on the process
  • You can’t delete Data stored on external storage.
  • All your information will be deleted and you can’t restore it back unless you’ve taken its backup.
  • You may phone may develop fault if not properly done.

How to Factory Reset Android or Tablets

  • Head to your Android Settings.
  • Tap on the system. It is at bottom of the drop-down menu. In some Android, you will see the factory data reset.
  • Tap on Reset and select from the options, Network Settings reset, Apps preference reset and Factory data reset. The last option will delete all data and settings saved when the phone was first purchased.
  • Tap on Reset and “OK” to start erasing.
  • The process will take a few minutes depending on the size of data in the Android or Tablet. Wait until it finishes and make sure your battery is charged or better still connected to power.
  • As it finishes erasing, the operating system will reboot.

As soon as the phone reboots it goes back to its default setting. You add or reinstall some of the apps you backed up.

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