A Quick way to do Android Lock Screen Settings with Password, Pattern & Fingerprints

For you to secure and to protect your device from unauthorized access by a third party on your Android device you need Android Lock Screen Settings. Android screen lock is important especially when you have personal information on the device. It is common to see an unauthorized person accessing another’s device today. Screen lock will not only protect your important information but also the Android phone itself.

To activate the Android lock settings, Choose an Unlock Method and Lock Screen Options.Go to Settings. Tap Security & Location > Screen lock. Confirm your current PIN, password, or pattern if you want pattern, Read u for the full instructions

With the great renovation that has taken place in Android phones, you can now lock your phone fingerprints, not with only a password or pattern alone again. By this method of locking your phone, no other fingerprint can unlock your phone.

The phone captures your fingerprint to the exclusion of others. It is the most secure way to lock Android Phones. This is because a fingerprint of each person differs from another. You can tell someone your password and pattern but you can’t give anybody your fingerprint.

However, you will be asked to add a password, pattern, or PIN as a backup. Android requires these backup because you will need it if your fingerprint is not recognized when you boot or restart your phone.

It is important to note that this method is only available to Android phones that has a fingerprint scanner. Therefore if your phone does not have it then you are locked out of this method of protecting Android phones.

Most new Androids now come with a fingerprint scanner. It may be located at the back or screen of any phone that has it.

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Android Lock Screen Settings with Password, Pattern & Fingerprints

Although there are other ways you can lock your android screen, we will be discussing how to lock your screen on Android phones with password, Pattern, or fingerprint. You can protect your device with facial identification features and body proximity. It is good to choose the option that will give you sure protection. And when setting up a screen lock you should use a method that you can easily remember.

Android Lock Screen With Fingerprints

  • Open your Android’s Settings by tapping the gear icon
  • Tap Security & Location.
  • From Screen Lock Preference, select fingerprint according to your onscreen instructions, because it may differ with devices.
  • Tap Add fingerprint
how to lock android phone
how to lock android phone
  • Click Continue
  • Tap Start. Lift and put the center part of your finger on the sensor repeatedly
    Once it is up to 100%, Tap DONE, you can decide to rename the fingerprint from there.

Android Lock Screen Settings with Password

To set a lock screen on your Android with a PIN, It’s a good idea not to use repeating numbers (don’t use more than two if you absolutely must). Hit continue. Re-enter the PIN to confirm.

Note that the password must be at least 4 characters, mixed with letters, and must not exceed 17 characters. You can Use an alphanumerical password with symbols that are at least 8 characters long for stronger security. Go to the Settings just as when setting up fingerprints. Tap on Security & Location. Choose a password and Re-enter the password to confirm it, once you are done tap save.

android lock screen settings
Android Lock Screen Settings

To draw patterns locate the setting and tap Tap Security & Location. Swipe to draw an unlock pattern you want to use.

change lock screen on android
Change Lock Screen on Android

Don’t draw a pattern that you can’t remember. Draw the same pattern again to confirm, and your screen lock is set.

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