How To Recover Meetme Account With Password & FB

MeetMe is one of the popular online dating sites and dating apps where you can search for photos of local singles, and get matched with others who are also looking serious date. We learned that most active users can’t this service anymore and this is because they have lost access to their account for any reason. Here is a guide on how to recover MeetMe account.

Our recommendation whenever one lost access to his or her dating App is always to reset the login password. It is the first thing anyone who wants to recover the MeetMe account should do before looking for another option. It’s a straightforward process provided you have correct login credentials.

WhyRecover Meetme Account
MeetMe App Login Form

Against this background, I will be showing you how to recover your MeetMe dating account through resetting your password. But before we dive into that, it’s apt we briefly discuss some things that can easily help you to your MeetMe dating account.

Here we go, if you registered your MeetMe Account by yourself then this question will be of great importance and will ease up the recovery process. Going back, if you can still recall that during your MeetMe registration you are asked to fill a form.

So at the stage of registration, you were asked to enter some details such as; Gender, Birthday, and email address and Password. Now that email address, be it Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or GMX which you use in opening that your MeetMe Account is what you are going to use to recover or reset your Forgotten MeetMe Password. What this simply means is that you can’t recover the account with another email not linked to that your dating account.

How To Recover MeetMe Account

Getting started, you must have access to the email because the MeetMe website will send a resetting link to the address.

  • Head to MeetMe website at
  • Tap on Members Login on top of the page
  • Tap on Forget Password then, enter your registered email address to the recovery space.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Go to your inbox and copy the confirmation code.
  • Go to the password reset page of the website again where you’ll paste the code.
  • Click on “I already have a confirmation code”.
  • Enter your email first and enter confirmation code with the code on the space below it
  • Create a new password and confirm it in the second space.
  • Finally, tap Change password
  • Click on “Submit”.

If you still can’t recover the MeetMe account then you have possibly signed up with your Facebook account. What you’ll do is to log in via Facebook

How To Recover MeetMe Account with Facebook

  • Go to the dating site using the link above
  • Use Your Facebook email address to login
  • Tap on Submit.
  • Open your email and copy the confirmation code sent to you by MeetMe.
  • Go back to the page, make you did not close else you’ll start the processes afresh.
  • Tap on “I already have a confirmation code”
  • Enter your email first followed by the confirmation code.
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Create a new password and tap Change password

I recently discovered that account many MeetMe users are inaccessible because of IP address. MeetMe doesn’t want a dynamic address. What you may need to reset it.

How To Reset IP Address

  • Toggle on Your Wi-Fi
  • Close the app and connect the router/ Wi-Fi
  • Now Open the app.

By doing this you should a new IP address and solve the issue

However, if your MeetMe account is blocked, you can recover it by calling or sending an email to the support team. They may require you to send a photo ID as proof that you are not trying to get into someone else’s account. You may also need to provide personal details such as your name and birthday.

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