Instagram birthday and the new features

Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday this week with the launch of several new features: Instagram is officially 10 years old, and is marking the end of its first decade with new features meant to encourage users to be nice to one another.

New features of Instagram

  1. Custom icons
    In the updated version, Instagram users (on both iOS and Android) can set the app icon to their liking.
  2. Shopping on IGTV. Sellers can add tags to their posts, which users can click on and make a purchase.
    Shopping in Reels. By the end of 2020, the company will begin testing purchases on a new service similar to TikTok.
  3. Cross-app messaging. Users can exchange messages between Facebook Messenger and Instagram.
    Story cards. Instagram is bringing back a personal map and calendar of stories you’ve shared over the past three years so you can remember your favourite moments. The map will be stored in the historical archive.
  • Anti-bullying. Two other new features coincide with the National Bullying Prevention Month:
    As part of the test, the social network will automatically hide comments similar to those that have been previously reported.

They will be displayed under the “View Hidden Comments” label.
Also, the social network will warn users who repeatedly try to leave an offensive comment. For a large number of such comments, an account can be blocked.

Change of interface. The service will have two new sections – Reels (now they are in the Explore section) and Shopping.


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