What is the Latest iOS Update?

Your iPhone runs on the iOS operating system which within a period of time is updated with new features. To follow up on the trend and enjoy the new features you will need to update your phone. This applies to other iOS devices, iPad, and iPod touch. How you update iPhone version varies, you may download and install it from iTunes Store or directly from the phone. iTunes will be preferable if the phone is running out of storage space, this takes longer processes.

When you’re about to update your iPhone, backing up your data becomes imperative to avoid losing them. Instructions on this article will put you through on how to back up and update your device. In addition, your iPhone should be connected to power and Wi-Fi to avoid pause or loss of data on the process. On these parameters, you can follow steps here to update your iPhone.

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How to Update iPhone Version Using iTunes

Just as mentioned before using the iTunes Store to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version is a better alternative if your iOS device doesn’t have enough storage space. You must install iTunes in your computer to perform this action and should know your device Passcode because it’s not something you can take aside.

How to Update iPhone
How to Update iPhone
  • The first step to take is to connect the iPhone to the computer you sync it with and launch iTunes.
  • Select the icon for your device, doing this will open your phone management screen. Select your device and continue.
  • You need to back up your iPhone should in case you witness any error. Therefore Sync to back up your iPhone and update it with any changes from your iTunes library. Click ‘Back Up Now” to make a duplicate of your contacts, settings, and photos.
  • Immediately you complete the Sync the iPhone management screen displays the latest version of iOS on the device and features of it.
  • Click the “Update” button to start updating your iPhone.

You will have two options, Download Only and Download and install. If you want to Update the device later click download only and if you want to update immediately click download and install, and click Download Only to download.

  • Here you will see where to get details of the latest iOS Version, i.e. different it with the previous one. Continue to the next stage by clicking “Next”
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and click “I Agree”
  • Click Continue and wait a few minutes for your iPhone Update to download and complete the installation. Once this process is completed your device will restart immediately.


To keep up to the latest features of iOS in your iPhone you have to upgrade to the higher version once it’s made available by Apple. Well performed updates fix issues you may be having with your device. When updating your device you need to know how strong your Wi-Fi is and the Storage space. In addition, you must remember your Apple ID so that you will sign in successfully.


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