How to Link Facebook to Instagram Account

Considering the importance of Facebook and Instagram on our daily life today, many people who have account on the two platforms have been wondering how to connect and use them on one account. Fortunately, this article will show you how to link Facebook to Instagram. Once the two accounts are linked you can reach your followers Instagram and friends on Facebook.

Linking your Facebook to Instagram let your Facebook fans know that you have an Instagram profile and that they have the choice to follow you on Instagram if you’d like. It showcases Instagram content to your Facebook audience, and let your fans know that they have multiple platforms that they can reach out to you.

How to Link Instagram to Facebook

Link Facebook to Instagram

  • To Link Your Instagram to the Facebook account, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to the account settings by clicking on the three dots in the top right of your screen.
  • Scroll down to Linked Accounts, there you should see Facebook
  • Select Facebook, and then enter your personal login information. Your personal timeline will be the default
  • Select Facebook again and click “share to” follow by a business page of your choice.

How to link Facebook to Instagram

There is no much difference between linking from Instagram to Facebook. when you want to link Facebook to Instagram, make sure you have your Facebook login information handy. To connect the two account:

Open the Instagram app and toggle over to your account profile, it is located in the bottom toolbar of the page

  • Click the three dots and select “Settings”
  • Click “Account” and then select “Linked Accounts.”
  • Click”Facebook” You need to confirm the action.
  • So, log in to your Facebook account and confirm that you want to link your Facebook account to Instagram.

After the confirmation, your account will be linked and can then share a post on both platforms at the same time.

How can I unlink Facebook from my Instagram account?

Yeah, If you would disconnect your Facebook account from your Instagram, you just have to go through the same process above. You will see little difference at the end of the settings. So instead of logging into Facebook, you’d tap “Unlink Account” from your Instagram account

The link of Facebook to Instagram is a good idea because by doing so you have created a fast and easy way to reach multiple customers on the two platforms with just a click. With these settings you have also created “two-hit” advertising to potential customers who have connected to you on both platforms.

Check out this scenario, let say you have a Facebook page you created for Fashion lovers, pulling images from Instagram that are around Fashion, Models and celebrity Fashion and how to pick matching colors, do you know that people would like to look at the collection. Even if you’re not showing off your own Instagram profile. this is because you’re already helping your followers find interesting and useful content on Instagram which they might not have access to if they’re only present on Facebook. So the idea is of great for you and your fans

Is a difference between Facebook and Instagram?

There are sharp differences, Instagram is mainly a visual platform where you would want to spend your time watching videos, photos and engaging contents.

Facebook is more of a platform for articles and text posts. While photos do well, other things can succeed as well because it’s not purely visual. It also allows users to easily transition between the app and external links. Facebook is beneficial to those who want to drive traffic to their website.

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It is true that the only way to attract users out of the Instagram app is by posting a link on your profile page and hoping your clients use it, or by inserting links into your stories. That is it.

Note that if you have a private Instagram, anything you share to other social networks, like Facebook, will become public, you did not set it to private.


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