Myciti Bus App + How to Check Your Myciti Credit Balance

Myciti is a company in South Africa that provides public transport services within Cape Town municity. Its goal is to provide quality services to the public at a minimal cost. Myciti began its services in 2010 and It is one of the biggest transport companies in the country with a huge number of persons that take their journeys with it.

With the development of Myciti Bus App, you can purchase your ticket online. Myciti transport fare is affordable and offers high rated services. Here is the way to use MyCiti bus to login to your credit card.

MyCiti card for Myconnect card users has been a reason for complaint but there is An effective way of using Myciti card to Avoid penalty.

MyCiti Bus App Plus Card Login Guide

  • To start your trip Tap in by holding your card against the validator once you enter a station or board a bus at a stopping point.
  • When you want to end your trip, Tap out by holding your card against the validator. This should be done when you leave Myciti station or exit a bus at a stopping point.

 Reasons for the penalty and how do you avoid them?

Any misuse of Myciti Card attracts a penalty which makes you pay additional money. The first two times offenders are charged R15 and subsequently R30. The penalty at the airport is R117.

You need to follow Myciti rules by using the validator rightly. You will be penalized when:

  • You don’t have sufficient money in your Myciti Card for your trip. To prevent this from happening make sure you check your balance when not sure of the amount you have.
  • You forget to tap in and tap out.
  • If you tap the wrong validator.

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When you have less than R20 on your card, a yellow light will show around the validator screen. When you tap your card the validator will make multiple beeps. It signifies that the transaction was successful, but that you need to add money to the card immediately.

How do you check the balance on Citi Card?

Many users do ask how do I check my balance on Myciti card, checking your balance does not have to take much of your time or pose any difficulty. What you need to do is to visit any Absa ATM or Myciti station Kiosks. When you get to the point, check the balance with your Myconnect PIN. Users can also change their PIN at the stations.

  • First, insert Myconnect card in the ATM or Myciti Kiosks station
  • Choose your language
  • Enter your valid PIN
  • From the options, select balance. You can select Change PIN if you want to change the Myconnect card PIN

Forgotten your PIN or Citi Card Lost?

If you can’t remember your PIN you’ll need to visit any of the following Myciti official branches: Heerengracht Gardens, V&A Waterfront, or Table Views to recover the PIN.

That’s it; you can enjoy Myciti transport to your preferred location and if you have questions or comments to make drop it in the comment box.


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