How to Create, Edit or Publish a Draft of a Post for Facebook Page and Ads

Facebook has many features that are not known to many users, among them is the ability to create a draft post for Facebook page. It allows you to work on your ideas immediately on your page.  The new Facebook publishing tool has been described as one of the best editing tools on the internet. It is useful and it is available only for page, personal profiles are not allowed to use the tools You can make a draft of what you want to punish.

With the Facebook publishing tool, you can open or undo any of the unpublished drafts. It should be noted that checkers are automatically deleted after 3 days. So be sure to check your projects before they are dumped.

The tool was developed in a bid to simplify the process of preparing posts and publishing it. This feature allows page admin to work on their posts directly from their Facebook page, and save it as a draft to continue working on it later.

How to Create a Draft Post for Facebook Page

When you want to create a post and save it as a post for Facebook Page you need to first

Post For Facebook Page

  • Login to your account, and select the page you want to create the draft post for.
  • Click Create Post by clicking on the link for the new post
  • You should see save as draft and Publish buttons
  • Select Save Draft.
  • Publishing or Editing the Drafts on Facebook Page

If the draft of the new post for the Facebook page has been created, the next is to find the post and complete the editing. This is as simple as going to the draft option to either edit or publish drafts for your Page

  • So, click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page. This feature is available for business profiles
  • Now, click Drafts in the left side then Click the draft you want to edit or publish.
  • Click Edit to edit the draft. To publish the draft, click and select Publish.
  • To find your work in the “Campaigns” section, you need to scroll to the end, at the bottom the Drafts is saved.

They can be edited, deleted or published.

How to Locate Drafts on Facebook App

  • Simply tap your notification icon.
  • Then tap the back button once on your phone.
  • From there you can now see all of your saved drafts

If you are a community manager, you probably know how to schedule posts ahead of time. This not only helps save time but also helps you plan your social media content calendar.

Note that Facebook does not have a Saved Drafts section for personal profiles. Facebook used to let you save drafts in your personal profile folder, but the option is no longer available.

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