How to Set Firefox two factor authentication

The reason for Firefox two factor Authentication is not far-fetched,  among them is the increase in the rate of fraudulent activities resulting from online account hack . For this, it, therefore, becomes imperative that you put proper security measure in all your account. Firefox, your favorite browser has added two-factor Authentication to its platform to help you protect your data with them.

Firefox two factor authentication on your Firefox browser is geared toward the protection of users’ accounts details such username and password.  And how does this work? The feature in Firefox allows for syncing passwords, usernames, bookmarks, and other important histories on Desktop and mobile phones. The Two Factor Authentication not only require your username and password but also further verification step to ensure security.

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How to Enable Firefox Two Factor Authentication 

There are different apps that can be used to achieve this, which are;

  • Google Authenticator
  • Authy Mobile
  • Duo Mobile
    1. Open Firefox browser on your device.
    2. Head to the menu, It’s sometimes represented with three dots on the top left side on the screen
    3. Select “Options” and go to “Firefox Account”
    4. Select “Manage accounts”.
    5. Tap on the “Enable” button which is found next to the two-step authentication panel.
    6. The Time-based One-Time Password generated will be authenticated by using any of the apps mentioned above.  The code awaits verification for few minutes.

After setting up Firefox two factor authentication you need to use it properly

How do use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on Mozilla?

There’s how this feature works,  each time you want to sign in to your Mozilla account you will be required to pass the two steps verification methods, i.e. using your account login details and an authenticator app to scan the QR code displayed on the browser. On the process of scanning, a six Code will be generated. That’s the Code you will use to login to the account.

Summary of Why You Need To Activate Two Factor Authentication

  1. Lower helpdesk and security management costs
  2. Increase productivity and flexibility
  3. Improved security
  4. Reduce fraud and build secure online relationships
  5. Boost productivity with mobility
  6. It’s a holistic Approach to Mobile Engagement Solution
  7. Simplification of Login Process


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