Turn off Commenting on Facebook Post

Those who have an account on Facebook do ask how to turn off commenting on Facebook post or photo so as to avoid unsolicited insult or abuse to the public or list of friends. This mainly come to play can when people start taking their commenting to negative side resulting in insults or ridicule. In order to guard against the flow of such insulting comment, Facebook made an option which is specifically provided to turn off commenting.

Facebook is one of the most significant social networks in the world. It has been attracting the attention of users around the world since its launch in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. There are more than one billion users that share their pictures posts and go live on the platform every day. And once you have made a lot of friends or that you have become popular, you will begin to receive many comments both relevant and irrelevant ones.

Taking the advantage of this large social community, Facebook users have taken digital marketing to the next level and made it easy to find motivation and explore different products for users but some people have decided to abuse such a great platform from different forms. In this case, you need to know how to turn off commenting on Facebook and thereby stop the further nuisance.

How to Turn off Commenting on Facebook Post

To disable comment on Facebook you need to follow the steps below;

Turn off Commenting on Facebook Posts
  • Find the comment you plan to delete.
  • Click next to it on three points.
  • Select Hide Comment.
  • Specify what exactly needs to be done with the entry – hide or delete.

How to turn off comments in a group

This issue of insulting comment is not only seen on personal post alone but also on groups on Facebook. Where this case, the administrator or the person that created the group have more options to disable comment. They have the right to disable commenting on the publication for all participants. For an administrator to achieve this he needs to do the following;

  • Login to the admin dashboard.
  • Select the post you want to turn off for commenting.
  • Click on three dots and select the desired option.

If you get it correctly, comments on the Facebook post will be closed.

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How to turn off Facebook comments for a particular user

  • Go to your Facebook settings, click on the Down Arrow sign.
  • Select the Settings line.
  • In the option that appears on the left, find the menu sections and select Block.
  • Go to User Blocking. Enter the person’s name or e-mail in the line, and then click Block.

By using the above guide you can turn off comment on your post, group and even restrict a particular user from commenting on your home feed.

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