How To Quickly do Ultipro Employee Login on Desktop & Phone

If you are an employee of Ultipro you will find this post helpful as I will show you how to do your Ultipro employee login on Desktop and mobile phone. To access your account, you have to use the valid credentials to be able to login to your Ultipro account whether as an employee or the Employer. Your Username and password must be that assigned to you during registration.

What is the Ultipro Software?

Ultipro is a cloud-based HCM (Human capital management) solution programmed to help organizations run their several needs.

Ultipro Login – Ultipro Sign in Help for Employees

Ultipro Employee Login on Computer

  • Using any of your preferred browsers, enter this URL,, and hit the search or enter button.
  • As the page opens, enter your username and password, and click the “Login Button”.

That’s it; you should be taken to the dashboard of your account if you entered a valid login detail. You can then access whatever you want to access the employee portal. If you have a Login problem, scroll down and read how to recover Ultipro Login password.

How To Login Ultipro Account On Mobile

Although any method you use will take you to your Ultipro account dashboard, the processes have little differences. You will log in to your account by using a smartphone if you have Ultipro App or Mobile browser Installed. The app is available in Apple and Play Store. If you don’t have the App on your phone you can go to your phone Store and get it installed. Ultipro also has a mobile version of its website, So if you are avoiding having multiple apps on your device, you can use the mobile version of the website.

Ultipro Employee Login With the App

  • Open the App on your mobile phone, and tap on the Login button, it’s seen on the top of the page.
  • Enter your Ultipro Username
  • Next, enter the password associated with the account
  • Tap on the “Login” button.

You should successfully sign in to your account if you give your correct IDs.

Ultipro Account Employee Login Via the Mobile Version

Just as I said previously, your employee account can be accessed with the mobile version of the site. The processes are the same with desktop, only that this method will give a mobile view.

Ultipro Login Form Image
  • Provide your username and password, and press

Tap the “Login” button.

If you are using the Chrome browser, you can switch to the mobile version of the site by tapping the three dots on the right side of the page and ticking the mobile version.

Features and Benefits of HCM Ultipro Software

The features of HCM Ultipro Software are numerous. As a new employee, you may wish to know the significance of the Software. To this, I have selected the core features and their benefits to the users.

  1. Cloud-based Computing: Cloud computing is a type of computing that depends on shared computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Ultipro offers you the best Cloud-based computing.

2. Software and hardware upgrades: with the HCM Ultipro services you don’t need to worry about upgrading your Software as the company can do it when due.

3. Data Security: The security of data has become a concern of many companies today. We hear new often of leaked data, Ultipro takes care of your data security. It ensures that your data is safe.

  1. Easy to track an employee’s life cycle: Do you find it tasking to monitor your employee’s life cycle? Then, Ultipro is there to help you.

Better employee engagement: The HCM Ultipro Software also helps you to maintain closeness to all your employees.

Ultipro Services

  • Ultipro Payroll Management
  • HRF (Human Representative’s functionalities)
  • Tax and Time Management
    HCM (Human Capital Management)
  • Providing Talent Needs

How To Reset Ultipro Password

Like I said earlier, this page will also teach you how to recover a forgotten Ultipro password to regain access to your employee’s account. To reset your password, there are processes you need to pass through. So, if you’ve forgotten your account password, you can recover it and have access to it again.

To reset the password, you should already have an email address registered or linked to the account.

Ultipro makes use of a validation process to create a new password, which includes different forms of security questions only you can answer, and which you may have provided during the account registration.

These guides are for all Ultipro accounts and will work the same way all computer and phone browsers.

  • To reset the password of your Ultipro Account, you will need to go to this URL, This will take you to the password reset page.
  • When prompted, type your email address associated with the account.
  • Confirm that you’re not a robot by filling the captcha.
  • Once the Email is correct, you’ll receive a message containing a recovery link from Ultipro.
  • Open your Mailbox and follow the link to change your password.

As soon as you’ve proved yourself as the account owner, Ultipro will log you into the account.

I hope this article was helpful?


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