View blocked Facebook list and know if you’re blocked by a friend

Over time, you may have been blocked by your friends on the Facebook contact list. Most people know that on Facebook, we can decide who sees the content we publish everyone, friends only, friends and their friends. But few users know that it is possible to view blocked Facebook list. I mean those who blocked them from seeing what they share on their home feeds.

A Facebook user who is your friend can block you because Facebook feature allows users to choose the audience who can see their list of friends and the list of subscribers, You can also hide it completely and thus be the only one able to access this information.

How to know if you are blocked on Facebook

Yeah, when the user feels that you are sending them too many messages that they deem not accepted from them. To get rid of these messages, it can decide to block all messages coming from you. To find out if you incur such a sanction from a friend, go to the Message section and open the last conversation you might have had earlier with this person on Facebook. If you notice that you are unable to click on that person’s name and it has turned black instead of a blue link, then you have been blocked by that person on Facebook. To be completely sure, try sending them a message if the message fails to go through then the person has blocked you.

What does it mean when someone blocks you on Facebook?

  • You can no longer publish anything on his home feeds;
  • You can no longer invite him to events or groups;
  • You can no longer start a conversation with him;
  • You can no longer add it to your friend’s list;
  • You can no longer identify it.

How to view Blocked Facebook list by using the past chat

If you’re wondering if a friend has blocked you on Facebook, you’ve likely already had a conversation with them through Facebook chat. If you’ve kept the messages you exchanged, here’s how to tell if you’ve been blocked. Access the list of all your messages by clicking on the message icon at the top right of the menu then on “Show all”.

In the left column, select the conversation of the person you suspect is blocking.

What happens if the person has blocked you?

  • You can still see his profile picture
  • You can no longer click on their name in the conversation
  • You have the words “You cannot reply to this conversation” at the bottom of the page.

If you no longer see your friend’s profile picture but the default Facebook avatar, it means that he has deactivated his Facebook account and therefore has not blocked you.

Knowing if you’re blocked by accessing your friend’s profile

You’ve probably already visited the profile page of the friend you suspect is blocking. Find the link to his profile page (from your browsing history) and try to access it. If you get the “Unfortunately, this page is not available” error message, it may mean that you have been blocked. To get to the heart of the matter, create a new Facebook account with completely different information.

Once the Facebook account is created, try to access your friend’s profile page. If you can access it, it means you’ve been blocked

By enquiry from your mutual friend

Chances are, you and your friend have some friends in common. So ask one of these mutual friends if he sees him in his friend list and if he can access his profile. If it can, it means you’ve been blocked on Facebook.

In fact, if someone needs to block you on Facebook, it’s up to them to define the blocking level. It is therefore not surprising that you can access his profile without sending him a message or inviting him because that is how he wanted to distance himself.

When you want to view blocked Facebook list or you want to block or unblock a friend, just look in the Facebook block settings. I mean when you want to block someone on Facebook, the network gives you at the same time the level of blocking that you want to use.


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