How to watch someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing

This is how to watch someone’s story without them knowing. It may be a surprise to some Snapchat users that one can view another person’s stories on Snapchat without the person knowing. The photo-sharing app Keeps track of every person in your contacts who viewed your stories. Tips to be explained in this write-up ll help those who do not want to be noticed after checking Someone’s status.

The best way to view Snapchat Stories, posts, and accounts without the creators knowing is to do it without an account at all. Third party app is available to use from your web browser. It lets you quickly find Snapchat user accounts and watch their stories anonymously on your iOS or Android device.

Snapchat feature is in such a way that no one is allowed to see others’ stories without him or her being listed in the view history. One funny thing about sharing stories is that the person who shared it would like to have a good number of viewers while the viewers would want to evade this feature. Snapchat doesn’t accept this smart practice, it ensures that your name is in the viewer’s list.

Snapchat doesn’t permit you to watch someone’s story without them knowing because it may violate the privacy policy of the person who posted it except that you are Security agent permitted by law of the area.

The settings of Snapchat have some similarities with WhatsApp where if you hide last seen you won’t be allowed to see another person’s last seen. Well, this is not going to be your problem if you are certain to learn how to view someone’s Snapchat without them knowing.

How to watch someone’s story without them knowing

There are two easy ways to secretly view your contacts Snapchat stories.

1. By Refreshing Snapchat Stories Page and Viewing them Offline

2. By Using a Third-Party App

If actually you want to know how to view Snapchat stories anonymously online then you need to learn how to use the two methods above.

1. How to watch someone’s story without them knowing by Refreshing the Story Page

If you already have a Snapchat account and the app on your phone sign into the account

  1. Go to the stories page and tap on ‘Stories’ icon, you will locate the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen
  2. Make sure that your Wi-Fi or data is on now, then refresh the Stories page and wait for a couple of minutes for them to load. Don’t view any of the stories now that your Wi-Fi or data is active
  3. Once the Stories finished loading, exit the app and turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  4. Now you need to reopen the Snapchat app and tap on the ‘Stories’ icon again.
  5. From there you can open and view any of the Stories that you want to watch. When you have watched the ones you want then you can close the app and turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data again.
    That’s how to view Snapchat Snapchat without them knowing.

2. How to watch someone’s story without them knowing by Using a Third-Party App (Spyzie app)

If you find the above method difficult to use you can use Spyzie to view Snapchat photos, videos etc without being noticed. Just like the preceding instruction, Spyzie app works in Android and iOS. You can download and install it the same way you would do for other apps.

Want to Use Spyzie App on Android to View Snapchat Stories Without them knowing?

  • Get Spyzie app on Play Store
  • Launch the app after the installation
  • Connect your Android phone to the internet and create a Spyzie account. While signing up make you use the correct email that you have the login ID. This is for verification purposes.
  • Create a new password and repeat it in the next box. You’ll be emailed a link with which to verify the account
  • Complete the set up by filling your name and age.
How to watch someone's story without them knowing
How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without them Knowing 2020
  • Verify and log on to your dashboard
How to Watch Someone's Story Without Them Knowing
How to Watch Someone’s Story Without Them Knowing
  • Grant permission to the app
  • Tap on Android demo and tap App photos.

Activating Spyzie App on iPhone to View Snapchat Stories

  • Launch the app if it’s already installed in the phone
  • Sign up and fill all the necessary details; email address and a new password
How to View Someone's Snapchat Without Them Knowing
View Snapchat Story
  • Set up the account by filling your name and age

Then verify the Spyzie account. Login to the email you provided and tap on the activation link, and after sign in. this ll take you to the dashboard.

You can from there select the option that will hide you from the list of those who viewed the status.

Spyzie app works on other social network apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Line App, Instagram, and many more.

Using Cocospy App

This is another method you can use to view Snapchat stories online without notifying them. Cocospy has different features that will help you to achieve other things in the photo-sharing app. For instance, Snapchat automatically deletes photos or videos after 24hrs, once this period elapses you can’t see them again but with Cocospy you can view stories even after they have been deleted by Snapchat. Another feature of the app is that it allows you to see Snapchat stories without being friends.

Just like the Spyzie app, Cocospy works in other social. What you need is to visit your phone store and install it, and you will use it to watch all manner of status updates.

To view Snapchat stories with the Cocospy app you need to set it up especially when you want to view a private profile. If it is a public figure you can see the updates without the app.


I guess you have learned something new on how to view Snapchat stories without them knowing. You can apply these instructions above to watch any status update you want without being noticed. So keep enjoying your Snapchat.

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