Methods To Restore Google Contacts Accidentally Deleted or Lost

Restore deleted Contacts
Restore Contacts from Gmail

Restore Google Contacts: Nothing can be disheartening than when you suddenly found that your important contacts have been deleted unintentionally. If you did mistakenly delete some contacts from your phone which you want to restore, then, you will have justice done to it. Google has many hidden features that most of us are yet to know about. It is not uncommon to see some people who accidentally delete the contacts they didn’t want to. Considering how important the deleted contacts may be, we tend to do anything possible to recover them.

how to restore contacts from gmail
how to restore contacts from Gmail

Fortunately, today anyone who accidentally deletes a contact can get it back by following few steps. Before now, there was no such option to recover them. But today, Google has made it possible. Google has done wonderfully well. The company doesn’t sleep in providing solutions to our daily problems. It understands the need for keeping our contacts contact so that nothing happened to it.

Ways to Restore Google Contacts

Base on these, lets us now consider how we can Restore Deleted Contacts Google. You can restore deleted Contacts from Google via 3 stages

First of all, using your browser go to Google contacts site via

Navigate to the left side of the page and tap on more button

On opening the page, select the period of time you want to restore the deleted contacts. From there all the contacts you deleted including merged and edited contact will restore immediately, In so far as they fall within the same time frame.

Note that the contacts will only be Restore if your contact is connected with your Gmail account. So, if you don’t have Gmail there is a need to do so to save you from losing important contacts.

In to Restore Deleted Contacts Google be sure to have a working Gmail otherwise you can’t get them back.