163 Mail Setup for iPhone: How to add 163 Email to Your iPhone

Basically you shall be learning 163 mail setup for iPhone on this post. After you create an email address from the website it’s left that you add it to your mobile phone to enable you to receive and send messages directly from the phone. Just like I wrote an article on Cox Email Settings on iPhone, you need to follow specified directions to set 163 mail on your iPhone device. This includes fixing SMTP, IMAP, and POP in the right places. Although the settings slightly differ with various devices, processes involved here works almost in all iPhones.

Upon 163 Mail Setup on your iPhone, you will start enjoying the subscribed services at the comfort of your phone. The advantage is numerous, you don’t suffer browser cache or other related issues that you may encounter with a web browser. I once had cache issues with my phone, I couldn’t believe myself that day because what I wanted to do with my mail was really urgent. Covered with that novice I thought my account has been hacked. So I went to search on Googie to know why I can’t log in to my mail account, fortunately for me, I stumbled on an online community where one publisher listed possible reasons that could make one not to access his or her account.

Yeah, browser cache was one of the reasons he listed, I had to quickly rush back and clear all the cache and history on my browser. Guess what, I logged to the account with one touch. After that scenario, I started looking for an everlasting solution that was when I learned that I could add an email to my phone. I know some of you who are on this page may have witnessed the same problem with your 163.com webmail account. So below is how to setup 163 mail for iPhone. It’s something that has to do with pressing a few buttons on your phone.

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Getting Started with 163 Mail Setting for iPhone – 163 SMTP Server & 163 POP settings

163 Mail Setup for iPhone: How to add 163 Email to Your iPhone

Step 1: Open your iPhone settings and navigate down to Mail, Contacts and Calendars option

Step 2:Tap on Add Account option, it’s found below iCloud. Check Others option if your 163.com mail provider is not among the options.

Step 3: Tap on Add Mail Account and fill in the following information.

  • Name: Your Name (Whatever you want)
  • Email: Your 163 mail username
  • Password: the password you created during 163 mail account registration

Step 4: Press on Next Button and select IMAP, it’s below incoming mail server and fills in the following information.

  • Hostname: appleimap.163.com
  • Username: Your 163 mail account username
  • Password: The password you created during 163 mail account registration

Step 5: Fill in the following details under the outgoing mail server.

  • Hostname: applesmtp.163.com
  • Username: Your username
  • Password: Your 163.com account password

Once you finish tap on Save Button, Now, go to Settings and scroll to Your 163 account

Step 6: Tap on Advanced and provide the following details under incoming settings.

  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 993

Step 7: Provide the following information under outgoing Settings.

  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 465
  • Tap on Save if the option is available.

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That is it, you have completed 163 mail setup for your iPhone. You can send and receive messages directly on your iPhone. If there is where you don’t understand kindly let us know by using the comment box below to ask your question. You can also help others to set up their 163 emails by sharing this article with them.

We shall publish another article to teach you all the need to know about 163 webmail services.

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