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22 Best Sites to Download Free Movies on Mobile without Registration

Movies are a powerful medium to ease off the boredom and we all love to watch movies and TV shows in our free time. A movie can get you off from tiredness of a hectic day. Nowadays there are a lot of best sites to download and watch movies online free without registration.

There is no doubt that most of the online movies are paid one, and it gets costly having to sign up and pay for the services. But you don’t have to worry about spending too much money. We have done our research and found some Sites to Download Free Movies on your mobile. These sites let you watch and download TV Show without sign up. And there is no question of account sign up. So, this article contains the best free TV Show sites where you can download tons of free movies in different formats, including HD

The research is also mobile phone focused, this is because of the rapid increase in the number of mobile phone users, demand and search for sites to download free mobile movies. To this, we have made a thorough research and analysis and Find out 22 best sites where you can get Free movies online for your mobile devices.

Also, Movie sites that on this post are both mobile and PC friendly sites that offer the latest TV shows in all formats that will support your device. On these sites, you can download Hollywood, Bollywood, and Cartoon in a complete season and episodes. Most downloads on these sites are free with no need to sign up. They are sites that have been online rendering services for years now without interruption.

 Sites to Download Free Movies
Free Movies Sites That Doesn’t Need Registration

However, there are some of them host their contents on a third party server. Such sites link you to another site that has the legal ground to host movies. And they still give you Hollywood and Bollywood Movies, TV series in HD Mp4 and 3gp quality.

Sites to Download Free Movies on Mobile without Registration


Some countries’ laws do not support downloading movies from an unauthorized site, so before proceeding to any of these sites make sure your country is not against it. In addition to this, you should have strong Anti-virus in your device as files in most sites these days are prone to viruses. We also do not in any way support piracy, we write to teach you on the things you probably search online.


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1. Waptrick.com

Waptrick.com is one of the best sites where you can watch TV and download free movies online without signing up. It is a platform that offers lots of entertainment content which includes the latest movies, both Hollywood and Bollywood, Music, Games, Apps wallpapers, eBooks, and many others. It has the latest TV Shows for mobile, both Android and java phones. Waptrick has a simple and mobile-friendly interface which makes it easier for you to find and watch your preferred TV Shows.

Waptrick website has a lot of benefits to the visitors and artists who want to promote their songs online. It gives an upcoming artist the opportunity to upload songs for free. Because of the number of visitors, it receives every day from different parts of the world you can get your song to millions of people without spending money.

2. Fzmovies.net

Fzmovies ranks high when it comes to sites that you can watch and download free HD movies for mobile. It is a popular website known for providing quality and mobile-friendly content. It keeps its users updated with new TV shows all the time.

The categories are well arranged to help visitors search for movies and TV shows of their choice. It has formats that support all phones beginning from 3gp and mp4 for basic and medium phones, High Mp4 for iPad, and tablets.

Once you get to the home page the first field you will see is where you type in names of movies you want to watch. Fzmovies has been confirmed by many users to be the best for TV shows.

3. Toxicwap

If you are having a problem with sites to download series for free on your mobile then, you have to visit ToxicWap. The website is one of the reliable platforms that have quality content offers to its viewers. To watch free Toxicwap TV series you have to visit the site, either with a computer or mobile phone. On the homepage is a list of categories to download what you are you are looking for. The site doesn’t require registration to have access to its files.

Apart from the Toxicwap TV series you also have other content like Games, Music, Wallpapers, EBooks, Movies, and Videos that you can get free. Fzmovies.net provides all your free mobile needs.

4. MobTvseries

MobTvseries has become the choice of movie lovers because of its constant update of the latest TV shows. Movies are arranged on this site in such a way that you will not find it difficult to search for any movie you want to watch or download It has formats which are compatible with mobile devices. You can also download apps on the site. The best of it all is that movies and TV show downloads are free, you don’t need to pay a dime.

Another feature is that you can search for any movie either by entering the name on the search bar or tapping the first letter of the movies.

5. O2Tvesries

What kind of mobile TV show or movies are you looking for? O2tvseries is the website to get it for your mobile phone. It is another giant in terms of constant updates of mobile-friendly TV series shows. Once you visit o2tvseries you will see a long list of Recently Added TV Series in various seasons and episodes.

Mobile users are always recommended to use UC Browser to enable them to have a better experience while using the site. You can watch Mobile TV shows from the O2tvseries list or better you can use the search bar.

To find movies on O2tvseris simply enter the TV series name on the search bar and hit search to enable you to fetch out it out.

6. HDpopcorns.com

HD popcorns are one of the best sites where you can also watch free movies online free in a series of your choice in HD quality. It is known for its updates on action movies, cartoons, and many more. Like some other sites, HDpopcorns gives details to any movies you want to download.

What you need is to enter the movie’s name on the search bar, select the category, rating, and quality and tap search, from there it will load details about the movies and TV series.
Movies counter.

Movies counter offers free TV Shows that will suit your mobile phone, you need not pay or sign up before you download; you just visit the site and search for any movie you want. Like other websites mentioned above, Movies Counter has Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, latest movies Hindi movies, and English Movies.
The category is such that enables you to watch sizes of movies that will work on your mobile device. No registration is required.

7. HDMp4mania

HDMp4Mania movies website is a platform basically designed to bring your favourite movies and TV shows for phones. The site offers its viewer the option of selecting formats that will work on their devices.

You have different movie formats to choose from. The recommended browsers that will make your downloads are also on the site. HDMp4mania TV shows are free and you don’t have to sign up an account to watch them. You will get movies from the world’s best industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

Also on this platform are English TV series, Indian TV Shows, Wrestling Shows, and many others. The site satisfies most of your movie needs. The HDMp4Mania interface is simple and understandable.

HDMp4Mania major Categories include Bollywood Mp4, Hollywood Mp4 (English) Hollywood Dubbed Mp4 (Dubbed In Hindi), Wrestling Shows (Raw, SmackDown, TNA Impact, and PPVs, English TV Series, Indian TV Shows, Mp4 Mobile Movies and Trailers.

8. Filmywap.com

Filmywap has been on the list of the best entertainment website since its creation and is still on the top list today. Filmywap.com is a platform that offers the latest Hollywood Movies, Comedy movies, Latest English TV Series, Family movies, Top rated movies, and many more. Not only that filmywap.com is a base for quality movies, it one of the best sites where you can download TV Shows without registration. The more you visit site the more you enjoy the best out of it.

9. LikeWap

LikeWap is basically designed for mobile phones and as a result, has mostly sized that will support mobile devices. It is not that you can’t get files for your PC but the display quality won’t be the same. Users can as well get other content like Ringtones, applications, animations, and games which are all free.

One other interesting thing about the website is its ability to bring to you notices of upcoming Movies. The site is very easy to use. The arrangement is understandable; you can find whatever you want with ease using the search bar and categories.

10. MobileTvshows.net

If you are looking for a website that offers TV Shows then, check out Mobiletvshows.net. It is one of the popular sites designed to bring to the viewers the best of enjoyment. Mobiletvshows.net movies work on all Smartphones that can be used to browse the internet. It offers Hollywood and Bollywood movies that will suit your desires. The website also offers movies for Tablet and PC in Avi and MP4 (HD quality).

Mobiletvshows.net TV Shows are free and no membership needed. This means that one does not need to pay or subscribe before being allowed to watch movies. What you need is the knowledge of how to go through the site and get what you are looking for. Mobiletvshows site has an interface that is very easy to use. Contents on the site are streamed free without stress.

11. Movierulz

This is another site that allows you to watch and download series for free online; it features have greatly attracted movie lovers from many countries of the world. It is an Indian site with mostly Indian visitors. It is a mobile-friendly site.

The platform also brings to its visitors’ movies from other popular industries of the world. I mean those acted in Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and many more. These industries have their own category on the website and are constantly served with recent new movies. Visitors have the option to watch any of their preferred movies and song or both.

The Categories on Movierulz when I visited it last are; Songs, Featured, Telugu Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Dubbed, Others Quality.

12. FreshMaza

Have you been wondering where you can watch full movies free owing to the fact that the new movie always comes with restrictions? On FreshMaza.com movies are absolutely free. The site is basically designed to give you the best entertainment content. It has all the formats that work on both computers and mobile phones. So your device does not matter, what you need is an internet-enabled device and you can watch as many movies and TV shows as you want.

Besides TV shows and movies, you will find other content like Mp4, Animation and Mp3 on Fresh,Maza.com. The site is mobile friendly, it is easy to navigate through and get what you want. What happens when you click on any of the categories is that you will see the details of the movie; that is the name, artist, language, and the duration. On the homepage, there is also a list of movie categories that make it easy for one to locate movies quickly.

FreshMaza.com basic categories include Hindi Videos, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Marathi Movies, Hollywood English Movies, South Indian Movies, The Kapil Sharma Show, Requested Movies, and Punjabi Videos.

13. CoolMoviez

CoolMoviez website is also one of the top sites where one can watch free latest HD movies online without payment. This platform offers files for your PC and mobile phones. Movies on this platform are free from any hassle and do not take time to save on your device.

On CoolMoviez Movies website new movies are being uploaded daily. It also informs you of any upcoming movies. Once you get to the homepage you will first see the Upcoming movies list. That is the menu that contains movies of the month. CoolMoviez has Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Telugu, and Marathi which are all available for free.

CoolMoviez also takes time to describe any of its contents so as to enable the viewers to have an understanding of the events that will take place in any movie they would want to watch. These include movie name, Category, Starcast, Genre, Description, Release date, duration, and quality of the movie.

14. HDmoviespoint

When you talk of HD mobile movies you are talking of High Definition Videos. Some website that gives entertainment contents does not have HD movies that can give you the resolution you desire to Watch. HDmoviespoint understands this and created its platform to offer you basically movies with high quality.

You can get the latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, etc.
Another interesting feature of HDmoviespoint is that its arrangement makes it easier for the users to locate any file they want. For instance, you are searching for the latest movies; it is already on the homepage. The first day I visited the site I had access to uncountable movies and mobile TV shows without stress the first time I got the site.

15. Movievoom

Movievoom is a movie website where you can watch whole lots of movies from different industries for your PC and mobile devices. It allows you to stream movies free with no registration. It also has MP4 and HD Mp4 movies that will suit your desire.

Movievoom is an India movie website and as a result, had most of its visitors are from there.
The website has a good arrangement like O2tvseries, the interface is simple. Upon visiting the website you will see Movievoom latest updates both 2018, 2019 movies, 2020movies, and other past years.

The website is mobile friendly and has a good arrangement. Movies and TV shows on the platform are free and there is no need for creating accounts.
Major menus on Movievoom are, Horror Movies Hindi, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, Bollywood Movies, South Hindi Dubbed Movies, Punjabi Movies, Cartoon Movies Hindi Movies All in One (Top 20), Unrated Movies Hindi, Pakistani Movies, WWW Shows.

16. Moviefone

Moviefone is not left out when you talk of the best movies sites that offer the movie in HD quality. Moviefone is where you get information about upcoming movies. It gives you first-hand details about new movies globally. No doubt, the site is among the movies sites where anyone can get genuine information and details for both upcoming and released movies

Moviefone is a website designed to bring to you new available movies coming soon, reviews of the movie, rating, cast, description, and clips for new available coming soon releases. It also gives information about when DVDs of coming soon movies will be available and dates showing the movie at a cinema close to you.

Basically, Moviefone feeds its visitors in five major areas which are Movie in Theatres, Movies Coming Soon, New Movies on DVD, and New Movies on Netflix. Others include News, Movies Times in different locations. All of these are what you will see ones you visit the website.

The website has a simple arrangement with few categories which allow you to get at one hit the file you are searching for. In addition, there is no ad interference. The kinds of links on Moviefone coming soon site are links that you will click at your will. When you hit out for any movie, it brings legal sites where you can watch or buy the full movie for your PC or mobile devices.

17. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher movie website is a platform that gives you free access to watch mobile movies and TV shows. The site has great collections of entertainment contents which are basically Movies and mobile TV Series. It is where one can get new and most popular movies online.

The arrangement of this platform is such that you can easily find whatever you want. Upon clicking on any movie on the website, you will see a description that has been written about it. This short description gives an overview of any movies prior to watching them. For instance, when you click movies which you don’t know about, details like the name, director, writer, actors, country, release year, duration, award, IMBD rating, and the number of visitors will be given about the movie.

This feature helps users to make an informed decision. Also, contents on Moviewatcher have a short story that summarizes events that took place in the movies. All contents on the website are free, no payment is required.

18. SabWap

SabWap is another site to download series for free. It brings to you the best entertainment content for your mobile phones and PC. I have gone through the site and found out that watching movies is not as difficult as many think. It is true that you may have some minor challenges when trying to get through the site but that is always the case. In my next article, I will be expected to explain some difficulties you may possibly see and how to resolve them.

Many people think that they will have to pay for anything they want on SabWap but the truth is that every TV Show on the site is completely free for every person no matter your location. You don’t even need to register as some sites may need.

Once you visit SabWap website you will be surprised at the quality of movies, music, news, sports, etc contents that you will see. You can watch them into your supported devices like Nokia, Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, blackberry, just to mention a few.

Most of the movies you will see on SabWap are Bollywood movies. You will get them in all formats like MP4, HD, and 3GP. This platform is able to access your device and give you files that can work on your computer or mobile phone.

Furthermore, both fresh and old users of Sabwap.com have the same access for free. Another good thing about this site is that its page loads fast and it saves your time during the streaming of the show.

19. Bossmobi

Bossmobi is a website where you can get the best Indian Bollywood music. It is regarded as the home of entertainment. Bossmobi allows you to play and download music and games for your mobile devices and PC. You don’t need to sign up or pay before you enjoy movies on the site. What you need is an internet-enabled device and you are good to go.

Apart from Bossmobi.com full mp3 songs you can also enjoy games for various devices.

20. Moviespur

Moviespur is a website where you can stream a lot of free TV shows and movies such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Top rated movies, Cartoon Etc. Movie on the site is not difficult like some sites where you have to navigate for more than an hour for you to find whatever you want.

The website also offers the users free Bollywood Mp3 songs. If you are looking for a never die movies then checkout to Moviepur and you will get them at a great number. Other good sides of the website are its ability to load fast, good interface with a well-arranged menu. Movie spur has all these features and it also features a search bar to enable its users to locate any movie they want to watch.

Talking about movie formats, it has quality formats that work on PC and mobile phones. There are MP4 and HD movies. Most times the site identifies and selects format the will support the device you are using and because of this, you may not see the format to select.

More sites to Download Series for Free

21. Toptvshows.co

Toptvshows. co, as the name suggests, is a website known for a major role in bringing free mobile TV shows online. It is a platform where you can get all the latest movies. The site owner discovered that some people who like TV shows avoid it because of the price involved. It, therefore, connects with all the reliable channels to enable you to access your favourite movies or TV series. There are lists of newly added movies that you may decide to watch or download and watch offline.

Toptvshows.co-site on its aim to satisfy its users has a free plan though you can decide to upgrade to Premium plan. The premium plan streams faster than the free plan. You may decide to upgrade if the free package is not giving you the satisfaction you want.

22. Tubidy

Tubidy is another good site that offers free movies for download. It is a platform where you can watch TV shows online free on 3GP, MP4, and HD quality formats on your mobile phone. It is a search engine for Smartphone users who want to stream quality videos in all formats. The basic goal of this site is to get you entertained with music and other entertainment content.

Tubidy will not only connect you to the official sites for streaming but will also allow you to get most of its own latest MP3 and MP4 videos in quality formats.

That’s it. I hope you now have great collections of the best sites to download free movies on mobile without registration and where you can ease off anytime especially during this lockdown.


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