How to Cancel HookUp Dating Subscription | Stop Paying

HookUp is a dating site that offers single men and women the opportunity to connect with each other. it is a platform where you find serious relationships online. Despite the advantages it offers to the users, some may want to give themselves a break or have a feature annoying and want to delete or cancel their subscription. Hence we created this article to help your cancel HookUp Dating subscription.

Meanwhile, you should note that cancelling a subscription and account deleting an account are two different things. Deleting your HookUp Dating account means that you completely don’t want to use it again, you clear any progress you made so far. We only suggest this option when you are fully determined to close your history on the database.

In most cases, there is no going back from deleting your membership, while Cancellation, means you want a break. A cancelled subscription can be reactivated anytime, while the basic (free) account time remains yours for the time’s being. Here we’ll take you through how to cancel your HookUp Dating subscription and avoid the monthly charges.

How to Cancel HookUp Dating subscription

Canceling your subscription is not difficult, it’s simple and easy.

1. Go to the website and log in log in with your username and password, if you registered the account with Facebook, Google, or Microsoft you should use that option to log in.
2. Select the Account & Settings and choose the subscription menu.
3. Click on Cancel Subscription.

When subscribing to HookUp Dating, there an option that allows you to turn on automatic renewals, meaning that when a payment period ends, it charges you immediately for a new one. If you wish to delete your account, make sure to cancel in time, as the site rarely returns unused months of service.

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How to Cancel Subscription HookUp Dating iPhone & Android

Android and iOS companies make sure that the users of their mobile operating systems enjoy a smooth and seamless experience with using and purchasing apps and subscriptions. For this reason, they make handling your app subscriptions fairly straightforward and transparent.

1. Open the app on your mobile phone, login if you are not already logged in.
2. Tap on the Three lines located on top of your screen, you’ll find Account and Settings there
3. Tap on the Settings and scroll down to the subscription menu
4. Select Subscription and tap Cancel.

That’s all; you will receive a confirmation showing that you have successfully cancelled your subscription.

Some users do mistake these two options, but there is a great difference between them. in a clearer form, when you cancel your subscription, you stop paying for the premium membership, and your account is transformed back to its free (but restricted) version so that you are typically still able to log in and access your data, chat your existing contacts, but the benefits you got with the premium accounts are closed.

Cancellation can be seen as a break from paying the monthly charges. Even if you are happy with your current partner, it’s good to have a return to the dating site with which you’ve become familiar.

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