What are the Processes for RCN Email Setup on iPhone

How do you manually do RCN email setup on iPhone? It’s very easy and is something you will do in less than 5 minutes. You may have read other articles on this issue without making out a meaningful result. With your iPhone you can without anybody helping you set up your RCN email.

I was able to setup my RCN email in my iPhone after several trials and error but believe me experience is the best teacher as they have repeatedly said. It was a difficult task on me configuring RCN webmail in my first iPhone but now I can teach others just as I’m go to do below.

How to Manually do your RCN Email Setup on iPhone

  1. Getting started, go to your iPhone ‘Settings’ just like Cox email settings
  2. Within the settings options you will see an option called ‘mail, contacts and calendars’, which you will have to tap.
  3. Choose ‘Add account’ it is below ‘iCloud Tag. Afterward tap on ‘other’. In most cases, it’s only when you did not see RCN option on the list that you will Select ‘Other’ option.
  4. Select ‘add mail account’ option and complete the remaining part as follows:
      • Name: Enter your full name
      • Email: here your RCN email address
      • Password: Your RCN email account password
      • Enter your email description, it’s optional.
      • Then tap on Next’ Button.

5. Then, You will see an ‘incoming mail server’ option, under it select ‘POP’ and then, fill in the following details;

      • Hostname: pop.rcn.com
      • Username: Your RCN email address.
      • Password: Password for your RCN email address

6. Under ‘outgoing mail server’ heading, enter the following details

      • Hostname: smtp.rcn.com
      • Username: Your RCN email address
      • Password: password for your RCN email address
      • Click ‘Save’ Button.

7. As soon as you finish inputting above details, go to ‘settings’ followed by your RCN email account and lastly, ‘advanced’. Below ‘advanced’ option you will have to fill in the following details under ‘incoming settings’ option

  • Use SSL: No
  • Authentication Password
  • Server Port: 110
  • Below ‘Outgoing settings’ field enter the following details
  • Use SSL: No
  • Authentication Password
  • Server Port:

From there the RCN email setup will be completed.

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Sometimes RCN email user may know the way to setup their email but because they lost hold their account details it becomes impossible task to achieve, thus, you need to learn how to recover your password.

How to recover the forgotten RCN password

  1. First thing to do when you want to recover your RCN password is to enter the secondary email address provided in the personal detail field of your RCN account.
  2. Tap on ‘Forgot password’ option. This will take you to RCN email login page.
  3. Fill in the complete email address and password of your RCN email account. Doing this will take you to RCN support page.
  4. Then, tap ‘Next’ to continue. From there RCN Webmail server will authenticate the details which you have entered earlier. It includes a phone number and email address. Make sure these information are not invalid, otherwise RCN com login page will not verify the information.
  5. RCN support will ask you to fill in the last password which you used to login the account.
    A verification code will be sent to your phone number. That’s why it’s good to use active number. You will get the code immediately, but it will however take time in some cases.
  6. You may tap on Resend if you can’t wait.
  7. As soon as you receive the code, enter it on the space and the secondary email address in the space provided.
  8. Then, login to the secondary email account and tap on the ‘Password ‘reset’ link. This will take you to the Password recovery page of your RCN email account
  9. Enter the information connected to your Date of birth and year of the opening of RCN account and tap ‘OK’ to continue.
  10. Now is time to create a new RCN email account password. Fill in the new password twice, that’s on the first and second field to confirm the new password.

That’s all on the ways to manually setup your RCN email on iPhone and recover your password. If there is any new change in the setting we will update you and if you have contribution or question, drop it in our comment box.

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