My UNISA Email Login – Email Sign in Page

This day many schools upon admitting students give them access to creating a student email address. UNISA is one of such schools that have joined into the development by designing a platform where students of the University can create an email account Called MY UNISA email. E9et has discovered that many students of the alma-mater find My UNISA email login difficult. Thus we decided to put up this post to help any student who falls in this category with how to access their email account.

Students of the school search with different words but pointing to the same login issue, it’s common to see one asking for email login. So what are we trying to arrive at, UNISA has one official email login page and searches do not change the procedures for accessing your account.

UNISA or My UNISA email is a webmail service offered by the University of South Africa which gives her students access to get material for study, assignment and does other things of great importance. You can log in to My UNISA email online like some other of your email account, through the login page on the UNISA website. Thus you must have a certified email address and login information before you begin.

How To Login go My UNISA email account – UNISA Student Portal

UNISA uses Web-based email, that’s very simple to check at any time on the go. Just like Google Online Classroom and AOL Mail you to go the website and give them your login password and username.

  • Open your Web browser and head to or the click on the link to go to the homepage and the Login page.
  • The page will load and bring out two open spaces where you’ll provide your login credentials.

My UNISA Email Login

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password associated to that your account
  • Click on the Login tab.

You’ll be taken to your profile.

If you tried to log in my UNISA email account but could not then you need to involve another method. What you’ll do is to recover your number by clicking on Forgotten Student Number or Forgotten UNISA password. As the page load, Provide your personal information associated with the account.


      • Surname
      • Full name
      • Date of birth
      • Your ID number or Foreign ID/ Passport
      • Finally, click on Submit tab below

Your number will appear with a link with which you can reset the password.

Where you forgot your UNISA Password, all you to provide is your student number. The school website will use it fetch your profile and from there you can change your password.

If the problem persists, it means that

  • The email server may be down
  • The Browser you are using is outdated or does not support the website. In this case, use another Web browser.
  • Clear Cache and Cookies on your browser.