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Just as the name suggests PNC Mortgage Payment Speedpay is a system introduced by PNC bank to speed up customers’ monetary transactions. It is an online payment method that allows account owners to transfer money at a convenient time. Before the invention of Speedpay customers can only make payments in the Banking hall, there was nothing they could do online with their account thus the need to save them the stress.

There are many online transactions that you could do with the PNC Mortgage Payment Speedpay system. One of them is that you can transfer and receive money from any part of the world. Yes, I say any part of the world.

I could remember that day I needed money badly to solve a problem that hooked me on my neck. I called my brother and he said there was nothing he can do about it, that banks at his place have closed work for the day. I continued dangling around without positive results. I had to call a friend in another country for help; lo and behold he transferred the actual amount I need into my account through PNC Mortgage Payment Speedpay.

You no longer need to rush to meet up with the banking hour before you make your payment as the PNC Mortgage online payment is open 24/7. You can transfer a minimum amount of $10000. As a business owner who buys and sells you can pay and receive money for your product from any part of the world.

How To Make PNC Mortgage Payment Speedpay Online

Note That: SpeedPay costs $7 for all payments you make. Payments you made to another PNC Bank accounts are free except where a country’s law forbids it. Do not join the check number with your account information while making Speedpay transactions as it will hamper the payment.

So, to make payment with Speedpay you must have the account which you will use to carry out the transaction.

  1. Go to PNC Mortgage online banking website and sign in to your account by clicking on the online banking option. If you can’t access your account call the bank on 1-800-822-5626, one of the agents will attend to you.
  2. Keep your 10 digits loan number handy. It is written on your coupon book.
  3. Enter the 10 digits loan number
  4. If you are not a PNC customer then you have to click on the account form.
  5. Confirm the ID of the account holder and enter the account number and routing number from your checkbook. From there your request will be listed for the execution of the payment.

There are many loan issues that you cannot solve online, and which you may need to contact the company. Hence, the PNC Mortgage created a helpline where its customers can reach and communicate with them during the working hours. You can contact the customer service centre at (800) 822-5626 whenever you have a query.

You can also reach the agent on the PNC Payoff Department Phone Number and request for a payoff statement by calling 877-729-6337 or filling out a short request form online.

PNC Mortgage Loan Options

  1. FHA Loans
  2. Fixed-Rate Mortgage
  3. Jumbo Loans
  4. Combination Loans
  5. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

I hope this piece addressed your PNC online payment through the Speedpay problem. Do share this article with others who have the same issue.

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