Recover Deleted Meetme Account and Messages

Meetme is an online platform especially known for soul-to-soul compatibility. With Meetme account, you are prone and exposed to different classes of people in which your job is to make a choice from ten to thousands of them. Being the king of online dating, it has resulted to be the most visited in US, UK, Czechia, African Countries like Egypt, and other European countries non-mentioned. This dating site contains lovable persons in which you are among them.

Deleting your Meetme account because of several reasons like bullying, online harassment, or just addiction is quite common. People start becoming fed up with the platform and want to move on. Usually, they make these decisions in a rush and after a few days, they immediately want to join back. Are you one of those people? Are you looking for steps to recover your Meetme account that you have recently deleted? Then you have come to the right place. Today we will be looking at different kinds of account deletion and know which can be recovered and which cannot. I will also give you tips to prevent your account from getting a permanent ban. Be sure to check it till the end.

To save your time, recovering your account once deleted on Meetme will be called back with a different method on How to Recover Meetme Account. Sometimes you might want to delete your Meetme account because of various reasons arising in your head. Whenever you decide to delete your Meetme account, it never gets permanently deleted. The creators of the app consider that you might one day want to join back and start creating videos. So, whenever you delete your Meetme account, it is under the deactivation phase.

  1. To start meeting people that have seen value in you
  2. Recreate a new love and start afresh
  3. Meetme exploits genuine love through their members
  4. Your details and other data are encrypted and hence safe and secured
  5. However, Meetme continues to exhibit as a dating site with the best tested and confirmed hooking analytical tools
  6. To have more experience with people not existing in your country.

How to recover your deleted Meetme account if you have lost the password?

If you cannot enter Meetme because you have lost your password or don’t remember it, recovering your account is easy.

  1. Open the Meetme app
  2. When you open the Meetme application, it takes you directly to register.
  3. Click Log in at the bottom of the screen, you can see the option: ‘Already have an account? Log in.’
  4. Click on ‘phone or email/username.’ On the next screen, you can log into your account. Since you don’t remember the password, click on ‘Forgot password?’
  5. Choose between Phone number or Email
  6. Here you can choose how you want to reset your password: through a message on your cell phone or an email with which you registered the Meetme account.

Recover Deleted Meetme Account Online

If you’re not past the 30-day account recovery period and you know your login details, use the Meetme website or app and try to log in to the deactivated account. Meetme displays information that includes the date you deactivated the account and the account deactivation deadline. Click Yes, reactivate to reactivate Meetme, if the option is available.

You can then access your timeline and account settings as usual. However, Meetme warns it could take up to 48 hours for all of your account data to be recovered. Meetme also sends you an email letting you know that you’ve successfully reactivated your account and your messages.

If you don’t have your login information, you got an error trying to reactivate the account, or you had your Meetme account suspended or hacked, you have to visit the Meetme Help Center and have an employee handle your case.

When you access the Help Center, click the Contact Us button and select the option called I need login and account support. You’ll see a list of options for getting help with hacked, deactivated, or suspended accounts, and you select the one that applies to your situation.

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Meetme Registration with a Third-party App

If you registered with a Meetme, Facebook, or any other social network account, it is easier to reestablish your account since you will only have to connect with the profile.

It is vital that you remember both the mobile phone and the email with which you registered. Otherwise, it will be complicated to recover it due to the security systems that Meetme has.

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