WeChat Web Login Without Phone

Did you know that you can create WeChat ID Account with email address and equally login to WeChat without phone but with email? This is beside the usual phone number, username, and password? Are you surprised? There’s no need to be. Become enlightened and get to teach other users as well on how to sign in to a Wechat account with email.

Wechat is also like our usual networking app but not as popular as Facebook and Whatsapp but European countries more than other countries. But if you are among those that have created a Wechat Account without phone and are currently leveraging its benefits of accessing chats for free and indulging in long conversations for free, discover the new way of not involving your mobile number during sign in.

On the other hand, we initially projected the procedures for Wechat account sign up with mobile number only. During that period, many complained of not having a functioning mobile number for using Wechat Account. Well, Wechat has addressed the new effective procedure for belonging to Wechat by consulting your mobile number.

Therefore, see how to cheer up and also communicate with your family living abroad with free international video and audio calls added with free landline calls with Wechat Account. Start and complete Wechat Account Registration because it’s not a fluctuating process nor is it a hit and run procedure. Complete it to be able to access the new way of doing sign in Wechat account with email.

Points on WeChat Web Login Without Phone

  • Even if you have a mobile number but doesn’t receive messages on the phone number, your email will save the time
  • Any email that will be entered must be a functioning email that still receives email due to a sign in link will be sent for approval
  • On the other hand, users that deviate from receiving messages from websites or restrains from disclosing number to unknown people can follow this method of sign up and login with email address
  • So, lets create Wechat Account with Email Address

WeChat Web Sign up Without Phone

We displayed how to register a WeChat Account on this page but most people missed that procedure. You can sign up for a WeChat account with an email address but expect to add your sim card after registration because friends and friends suggestions become possible with your contacts. Sign up Wechat account with an email address using this procedure;

  • Launch Wechat App after download
  • Without Wechat App, you can’t access the interface
  • Now, Tap on Create Account
  • Indicate to Login with Business ID
  • Enter the functioning email address
  • Tap on the “Send Signup Link” button and login your email address to approve the link
  • After accessing the Link, come back and tap on Continue
  • Create a Username for the Wechat Account
  • Generate a non-compromised Password for the account and then Agree to the Terms of use
  • Tap on Continue for your profile to open
  • Go ahead and add your profile image and customize your account to your preference

You’ve seen that you can create Wechat with an Email Address

  1. Very Simple! Open your Wechat App after you click the Continue. Enter same email address and Password related to the account
  2. Or whenever you logged in your app to notice an automatic sign out, Tap on the Login button to Enter the email address and password other than the username and password.

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