Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation Bursary Application

Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation Bursary is an annual scheme organized yearly by Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation to help the less-privileged in South Africa to see the light of the new era in the society. It is a non-profit organization aimed at repositioning students within the country to be more employable. The application form for the year 2020 is out, and all the interested and qualified indigene of the country are hereby this notice call to apply for the bursary.

This years’ application is expected to end in October, and the registration is to be done online. To increase the number of the bursary beneficiaries Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation has partnered with other life-changing foundations which include, Thari Programme, Kagiso Shanduka Trust, Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust, and Black Umbrellas. The sole purpose is to make a positive impact on the life of the citizens.

The beneficiaries of the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation  Bursary are to receive training support that will grant them their dream jobs in various fields. All the winners will get the opportunity to participate in intensive holiday work experience programs that are usually organized two times in a year. You will be trained in different life-changing skills that will set you up to grab job opportunities within the shore of the country and outside.

The bursary is to be enjoyed for 5 years in the different institutions of learning in South Africa, basically, the certified and accredited universities. Cyril Ramaphsa Foundation bursary value will cover the winner’s educational spendings which include, majorly, school fees, accommodation, textbooks, and other relating expenses.

Other Ongoing Scholarships in South Africa;

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  • South Africa Jones & Wagener Bursary Award
  • Australia Scholarships for International Students
  • Fully Funded Scholarships for South African Students

Like other bursaries and scholarships, there are things that will qualify you to win the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation bursary, i.e the requirements you must meet to stand a chance of being one of the recipients. Now, we are going to list out all the application requirements, how to apply, and the closing date of the application.

Requirements for the Application

To stand a better chance of getting this bursary, you need to adhere to the application requirements as follows;

  • Applicant must be a South African citizen with a valid South African ID number
  • An applicant applying for the bursary should not someone employed
  • Applicants must be a full-time student within the age of 16 – 30 years and who has a strong desire to pursue his or  her education
  • The applicant must be ready to study in any of the accredited universities in South African
  • Candidates who applied for skill acquisition will also be eligible
  • Should be a registered and accepted student at an accredited institution
  • Mus be found proper in good academic, developmental communication skills and leadership
  • Applicants who are students or wish to pursue studies in relevant and scarce skills as determined by the Department of Labour, SETAs and other proven skill that bring economic development will be well welcomed

Arrangement of the Bursary

  • Host Country: South Africa
  • Institution: Any accredited institution in South Africa for any of the selected programs
  • Target Country: South Africa
  • Programs: Undergraduate studies, Skill Acquisition
  • Sponsor: Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation
  • Bursary Worth: Not Specified

The Application Procedures

All the interested candidates are to go to the website at and submit all the necessary documents. You can also contact the bursary management with these contact details, 011 592 6560 or send your print out to

The first requirement of the website is that you open an account with them and thereafter you apply by using the online form. The documents you should upload are;

  • South African ID document
  • Final Matric results
  • Full academic record for those in the tertiary institution
  • Proof of tertiary application or acceptance
  • Parents/guardian’s ID documents
  • Proof of income of parents/guardian

Deadline For the Application

the closing date for this year’s Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation Bursary application is 31 day of October 2020.


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