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ZEGU Student Portal – When you enroll in one of the academic courses/year offered at the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University, ZEGU, you’ll get a Student Identification Number which you’ll use to login to the school portal for your academic transactions, updates, important messages, and announcements from the university. The ID Number gives both old and new students access to the ZEGU portal for course registrations, course materials, and to check examination results online.

Come to think of it, the ZEGU Student Portal is simple and easy if you just know where to go. However, some students do have a hard time finding out how to and where to access their email. This is why we created this article to help you to successfully log in to your accounts or reset the account if it has stolen by another student but before we continue, what can you do with the student portal?

The ZEGU Student Portal is a specially designed website (portal) by the school management that allows applicants, students, and staff of the university to carry out academic-related transactions using their respective profile accounts.

It, therefore, means that for you to gain access to ZEGU Student Portal, you will need a login ID. In most cases, it is the school that gives the ID upon successful admission into the university or when you are applying for admission to the university. The Login details include Student Identification Number or registration number and a password you created by yourself. With such details, you can access all your academic activities online.

What Do Students use the Portal for?

  1. To know the registration and application status for the academic session.
  2. Students use the portal to Pay the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University School Fees.
  3. To apply for admission and to check admission status.
  4. With the portal applicants who apply for admission get feedback as soon as their applications are processed.
  5. They Use the portal to book hostel Accommodation.
  6. For checking of examination results.
  7. For registration of courses online.
  8. Students also use the portal to get relevant information about their studies.

The Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Identification is the main means recognized for official interactions between you and the university. Hence, as a student in the university, you need to claim your account, if you haven’t already done so. To do this, go to the website and click on the student registration button and carefully follow the instructions below to create the account but if you have the account you can skip to the login procedures.

ZEGU Student Portal Registration Procedures

  1. Go to the Student Portal on this link, https://www.zegu.ac.zw/Account/Register.
  2. Click on Create Account or any other option that gives you the way to register the account.
  3. Enter your Student Identification Number and Personal Identification No and click ‘Continue.’
  4. You will see a page displaying your account details (profile). You now have a profile account. on the Wits Portal and can use it to interact with the school management.

If you already have Student ID and you have difficulties accessing it, then follow these procedures;

How to Login ZEGU Student Portal

  1. With your browser, visit the student portal, you will see a login form on the page. The page will direct you to an online login form you fill to get access to your student account.
  2. Enter your Registration Number and the password on their respective boxes.
  3. Then click the ‘Login’ button and wait for your profile account to open. It takes less than one minute to load.

Students are seriously advised to log out of their account when they are done using it, especially when accessing it through a public computer or device.

You can access the student portal from any network and from anywhere in the world once you have internet access.

I know you now learn from the above explanation why you need to maintain an account on the portal. However, it has been discovered that some students steal their fellow student’s login detail to access their information without permission, maybe to know their academic performance and possibly make a mockery of them. For this reason, you should secure your Portal ID by creating a strong password during registration. Here are my recommendations for keeping your account safe.

How to Create Strong Password for your Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University ID

  1. Think of a shortlist of passwords that you will remember and no one can guess.
  2. Do not use your name, phone number, or social security number as a Password this is because Hackers have become experts at guessing passwords with users’ personal information.
  3. It is advisable to create a password with alphanumeric (mixed character)
  4. Use Two-factor Authentication if is available on the portal.
  5. It is a good idea to change your password regularly especially when you do not log in with one device.

If you discover that your account login details have been stolen here is how to recover it.

Resetting or changing your ZEGU Student Portal Login password in most requires that you contact the school portal administrator. But in a case where the school provides you with a link to change or reset your login password, you have to visit the website.

How to Change/Reset ZEGU Student Portal Login Password

To change your password, go to the portal and click on ‘Forgot Password‘ and submit your Registration Number. If the … University data manager can find you in the database, a message will be sent to your email address or phone number with instructions on how to get access to your account again. Here is the official website address of Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University, https://www.zegu.ac.zw/.

You can complain to the school management in person or through the school contacts. but before you complain to the school data management ensure that you have done the right thing. There different reasons why you can’t log in to the Student portal which may be one of the following:

  1. Incorrect Students Identification Number/Registration Number.
  2. You have not been given a Registration Number.
  3. Your ID has not been registered on the database.
  4. You are using an unsupported browser.
  5. You have not Cleared Cache or browsing history on your browser for long.
  6. Your ID may have been stolen by another student.
  7. Unsolved database issue.
  8. You are not a registered student of the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University.
  9. The settings of your Browser
  10. If you still have login issues with the portal you can drop a comment below so that we can give you a positive response.

If you still have login issues with the portal you can drop a comment below so that we can give you a positive response.

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