How to Change Your Name on Happn App

How to Change Your Name on Happn

You can change your name on Happn in the Settings section of the website or mobile app. Whether you’ve recently changed your last name or want to add a fun nickname, changing your name on your Happn profile is a fairly straightforward process. Happn prefers its users to use the name they go by in … Read more

How to Get Unbanned From Happn Ban

Image of How to Get Unbanned From Happn

Happn takes users’ safety very seriously including your behavior, which is why, to you, it may seem like you’ve been banned for no reason. If you have received Happn ban notification you can reactive or make a new account in no time, this means you’ll get unbanned by taking the due necessary steps.  Happn has … Read more

How to Change or Hide Location on Happn Dating

Hide Location on Happn

Don’t want Happn to track your location the whole time? You may wonder how to hide your location on Happn when you want to, is there an option? Or do I have to live with Happn’s automatic location tracking? In this post, we’ll show you the trick of hiding (faking) your location when you’re active … Read more

How to Delete Happn and Start Over in 3 Steps

Delete Happn

Happn account delete mainly happens on the website after you have logged in to your account. It is from your profile page that you’ll find settings option from where you can delete or deactivate your account including your data history. And if you can’t remember your password, you can still close the account without having … Read more