Email: Telkom Login, Settings & Password Reset

We are glad to guide you on email settings, login, and how to reset your Telkom email password. Telkom email settings if properly done helps you to log in to your inbox at ease. Telkom is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunications provider, rendering telecommunication services in over 38 countries across African. Its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa. This company was founded in 1910.

Once you subscribe to the internet service you are given an email address with which you can use to manage your bill.

This setting is done on a PC and it is a task that needs utmost attention to actualize. There are also Telkom outgoing mail server settings for Phones. As a Telkom customer, it is the requirement that you follow the due process involved in the Internet Service Provider (ISPs)

The issue of how to set up Telkom email seems to be on increase lately hence this tutorial. There are various steps you need to follow while configuring the account, they are explained below. Email Settings on PC

  1. Using your device click on the Start button and type Windows Live Mail, then press Enter. This will open Windows Live Mail, the mail application.
  2. To start the Telkom email set up click on Add an e-mail account
  3. Fill in your Telkom address in the space provided and enter the password to log in to your account. Enter a Display Name, and then click Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.
  4. Click Next to continue the process.
  5. Set the incoming mail server to POP3. Enter in the POP3 field, and in the SMTP field. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish to finalize your Telkom email setup. Email Settings on Phone

  1. Tap Settings >> Mail >> Accounts >> Add Account.
  2. Choose your email account type. For setting up email to work with your Telkom email address tap Other
  • Enter Your Name
  • Fill in your full E-mail Address. Example
  • Then Your E-mail Password
  • Followed by a description
  • Then Tap Save
  1. Tap POP so it is highlighted.
  2. Enter the following
  • Incoming Mail Server as, replacing with the domain of your hosting account.
  • Your full E-mail Address. Example: for Username
  • Your E-mail Password
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) as, replacing with the domain of your hosting account.
  • Your full E-mail Address. Example
  • Your E-mail Password
  • Tap Save.

How to Login to Email

  1. Getting started, go to
  2. Then, you can see the login button on the page, click on it and enter your email address and password. Please enter your email address in the first line of the blank space, you must use the email address you have chosen during the sign-up of your account.
  3. Next, enter the password you have used at your registration in the second blank space. Please make sure that you enter the correct password that belongs to the entered email address.
  4. Lastly, If you are certain that you’ve entered both your email address and password correctly
  5. Click the blue Sign in button.
  6. Congratulations, you have now successfully logged in to your account.

That’s all you need on email settings on your computer and iPhone.

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How to Reset Telkom Email Password

  1. The Email requires your password to log into your account. Enter the password along with the ID to gain access. If you forget the password, you can use Telkom password recovery process as described on its website to reset the account with a new password. To complete the reset, you need access to the email associated with the account for identity confirmation.
  2. After entering the username, email, or phone number, choose the reset password option. Telkom web emails or texts you a confirmation code to verify your identity.
  3. Enter the code and change to a new password. Write this password down in a safe place for later reference. Press Enter to accept the password and complete the reset.
  4. After resetting the password, enter your username (email or phone number) and new password to complete the login process. This opens your Telkom email and provides access to your profile and all the other services offered by Telkom Telecommunication.

If you have any Login issues with your email check our below for a possible fix. Where the login problem persists it may be other factors that are preventing you from logging in. To help find out what’s keeping you from Logging in to your Telkom email, try these strategies

  1. Check the status of Telkom, if it’s down.
  2. Confirm that your password is correct.
  3. Get a fresh start if none of the passwords you remember work.
  4. Log in through the website-specific page.
  5. Check that Caps Lock is on.
  6. Quit and restart the browser.
  7. Enable (or disable) your Telkom Account Key.
  8. Clear the browser’s cookies or clear the cache.
  9. Try a different browser

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