Ultimate Best Android Email Apps For 100% Security

Best Android Email Apps
Best Email Apps For Android

In today’s social and business Connection, email is a necessary part of our daily lives. We use it for work, keeping in touch with long-distance friends and family, stay in the know for the latest deals, receive newsletters from all our subscribed platforms. As the market grows, there are few best Android email apps for your inbox.

As we continue to use email in our Android phones, the question of the best Android Email app that has sufficient protection and features keep arising. Fortunately, there are some great email apps that make email a bit more pleasant.

One of the reasons smartphones are so indispensable is that they give you immediate access to your email at all times. Mobile email apps continue to evolve, each offering their own approach to the task of managing your inbox. But not all email helpers are created equal. From general-purpose email app replacements to ones offering customization options, and AI smart assistance.


Top Best Android Email Apps

This list is sorted randomly based on personal experience, and it should let you find the best Android email apps in no time.

1. Gmail Email App

Best Android Email Apps
Gmail Email App for Android

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, Users inbox can be accessed on Gmail App and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. It was launch in 2004 and since then has become the most popular Email in the World.
Gmail app in most Android phones is pre-installed, so you if have the latest Android version phone you are likely to have it your phone. The level of protection the App has is second to none. Google notifies you on any slightest change. The app supports multiple inbox settings, multiple accounts, and more.

Gmail also supports most email services such as Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, and others. Gmail also supports a unified inbox, Material Design, and more. On creating a Gmail account you are given 15GB free to save your documents. With the Gmail account, you can access many Google products like Google Classroom, drive, Photo, Assistant, Play protection that prevent you from downloading harmful Apps.

2. Nine Email App

Best Email Apps
Nine Email App For Android

Nine is among the best Android email apps that have good security features. If you’re concerned about security, Nine Email will give you the answer you need. It boasts of server or cloud features whatsoever. The app simply links you to the email services. In addition, it has support for Exchange ActiveSync which is to be expected for any app that enhances Exchange support.

With Nine App on your Android phone, you have several options to pick from, such as selecting which folders you want to sync, Wear OS support, and more. It has free and paid features.

3. ProtonMail

Best Android Email Apps
ProtonMail For Android

ProtonMail is another powerful email client that secures your Email to your test. Just like Gmail, it is totally free for use and you can get in The Play Store. The app boasts end-to-end email encryption. You know what this means, it’s only you and the recipient of your message that can see it and no others.

ProtonMail is very easy to use. It has OpenPGP support, self-destructing emails, and most of the features like labels and organization features. It is one of the Email apps that saves your emails on the server. So, you can recover your Deleted Gmail Emails once it goes missing. ProtonMail server is highly encrypted and no one can read your Email not even ProtonMail technicians.

4. Aqua Mail App for Android

When you talk of good arrangements to manage your email client in one place, Aqua Mail is as good and better than you expect. It has an easy configuration for multiple email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, etc. It also supports services via standard Internet email protocols like IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. This Email App is highly prepared to protect your documents – you can download it in Play Store for your Android phone. Aqua Mail ushers you into products like widgets and syncs with the calendar and contacts.

All these features brought Aqua Mail in the list of the best Android Email apps. it is a great email app for your device but many of its useful features are accessible only with the pro version. It also has the latest feature being launched on every platform now, the dark mode feature.

5. Newton Mail App

Best Android Email Apps
Newton Mail App

Newton Mail has been long in the Email business and as such is a known email client which is among the selection of the best Android Email Apps that keeps your documents secured. Another feature that has brought Newton Mail into this list is its smart searching capabilities, cross-platform abilities, and the user interface friendliness.

Newton Mail supports all primary email providers and also connects different work tools such as Zendesk, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, and Trello, etc. It is available in Play Store.

Generally, Newton is a feature empowered webmail and one of the best email apps for Android phones. The only thing about it is that its features are available for the subscribed users.

6. myMail Android Email App

myMail is another top-notch email client for Android that can conveniently manage all your email accounts at once. It supports all major email providers and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox. Its Mobile app provides real-time customizable notifications, data compression for sending/receiving an email, and smart search functionalities. myMail webmail App has all the good features you need to properly Manage your Email account. The app also features a Clean and clutter-free UI, which you may not get in other Email clients.

7. Microsoft Outlook App (Hotmail)

If you are a business owner or that you manage a big office, you probably have learned about Microsoft Outlook Email. It is a big name in the webmail space. The app is highly sourced because of its productivity in bringing your email, attachments, contacts, and calendars into the tips of your Android phone. Microsoft Outlook App is one of the best Android Email Apps. Your documents never go missing as you can always retrieve them anytime from the email server.

The Quick swipe controls feature allows you to conveniently select your email. It’s a powerful email app and works with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail Gmail, etc.

8. Spike Mail App

This is all in one email app – it has essential tools you need to build your office. Like other emails, the Spike app has an organized interface and secured Server. It takes a more conversational approach to emails, displaying your emails in a chat format with messenger-like flourishes such as GIFs, voice notes, location sharing, calls, and drawing tools. The Options and folders are handy to help you prepare documents, chat, send messages to your loved ones or business associates.

9. Blue Mail App

Android Email Apps
Blue Mail App

Blue-Mail App is a powerful Email App that offers a lot of features free. it is an easy-to-use Mail client. Those who want to maintain lots of email account with a single email app often opt for Blue Mail. It offers all the services other emails have to give. Blue-Mail Supports settings for domain hosting and auto-configuration. In addition to this, it provides an amazing theme and backgrounds and lets you customize the swipe menu and email view.

10. HTC Mail App

HTC Mail is a beautifully designed email app that provides a top-notch email experience that can manage multiple accounts from one completely customizable email app. The app has an ‘Automatic Clusters’ feature that aggregates all emails from those services automatically, with a service name and avatar. With this app, you can maintain accounts of different email services including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live, Outlook, and many other Email clients. Its feature allows you to customize the mail fonts, colors, and typography and arrangement your work like office 365.

11. GMX Mail

Are you looking for some full-flagged and unparalleled email apps for Android? If yes, they welcome GMX Email Login. According to most of its user’s reviews, it is a prime email app for Android. It has come with a user-friendly approach along with an amusing outlook. You can maintain all your accounts with and you get it very easy to use. Supports multiple accounts and numerous email services. It gets easier to use when you know your GMX login details. For those who value privacy, GMX mail Provides secure privacy and password protection.