Uber Driver Registration Process: How To Sign Up and become Uber Driver on Phone

If you troubles on Uber driver registration process here we are to help you. Uber as you may have known is an application for iPhone and Android devices. The demand for this application keeps increasing on daily basis owing to its overwhelming benefits. It is an application that helps one get to his or her destination by sending for a driver close to that location.

The process for Uber driver registration could be difficult when you don’t understand the steps for Setting up the Uber account. The driver account is very important for job seekers and it has helped many people within the countries where its operation. On the side of passengers, it gives you hope that driver will always be at your reach each time you need their service. Once you sign up the account you can locate drivers nearest to you. If you are a driver and you want to work in Uber Company you need an account that will give access to apply and become a certified driver.

Process For Uber Driver Registration

  1. Open Uber app on your phone but If you are yet to have the app on your phone you can download it on Play Store or App stores depending on your device.
  2. Tap on the sign up option: It is the page containing the form you need to fill.
  3. Fill your name: Option to fill your name will appear. Type your first and second name.
  4. Type in your phone: The number is very necessary because driver will contact you with it whenever you need their service.
  5. Your email address: With your email address uber can be feeding you with some necessary details. Like uber receipt.
  6. Password: Here you create a password to enable you login anytime and as well prevent third party from accessing your account.
  7. Promo code: Add a promo code if you have one already.
  8. Go through the terms and conditions: Read carefully and understand what uber have in their terms and condition before you click create account
  9. Tap on the sign up button: congratulation, you have successfully created an uber account.

As a passenger after you have successfully registered the account the next thing you will need to know is how to get a driver. We will also teach you how to book Uber driver online with the following steps.

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How Passengers Locate and Book Uber Driver

  1. Navigate through your phone screen and click uber app: Sign in if you have the app, but if you are yet to have one, visit the play store and download it from there.
  2. Click on “where to” type in your destination, an approval request will be send to you to confirm.
  3. Make your choice of vehicle: there are different types of service to choose according to the vehicle. The vehicle type includes the following; UberSELECT, uberX, UberPOOL, UberBLACK, uberXL, UberSUV, UberLUX and WAV
  4. Confirm seats: this is where you make known to the company the number of seats you need, that is if you’re going with another passenger.
  5. Check the prices: The prices for the vehicle type will appear for you to choose.
  6. Click request Uber: Confirm your location where the driver will pick you.
    Your pick up point and address: you are expected to wait for your driver at the exact point you provided in the order.
  7. Payment pattern: the payment is deducted immediately by uber application.
  8. Ride rating: Uber will request you to grade the service of your driver.

Knowing the above instructions will help you to register an Uber account and get a driver online. If you find it any part difficult do let us know through the comment box

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