What you need to know about your Visiting Canada Visa Application

Canada visiting visa is the kind of visa one needs if he desires to visit a family, friend, go on vacation or attend a conference in Canada? It runs for a short period of time unlike other types of visa. If you want to have a successful Visiting Canada visa application, you must know the visa application requirements. This article focuses on all you need to know about the Canada type of vising visa.

Who is Eligible for visiting Canada visa application?

Anybody willing to get Canada visa from any part of the world can do so as far as they possess all the needed documents for the visa application. Besides this, it is necessary that any applicant wishing to have a successful application to follow all the instructions and guidelines instructed by the Canadian visa authorities, this will not only grant you the visa but also fast track the whole processes.

Travel they say is part of education, against this background, many people are normally seen travelling to different countries of the world for different purposes, either for business, to study, or to spend quality time with loved ones.

Whether visiting Canada visa application, business or study visa, there is always an embassy of the particular country you want to travel to of which Canada must be among. On this, you can always go to the Canada visa application in your country of origin or residence to process your visa. The good thing is that Canada visa is not limited to a certain set of people, age group or tribe, it is available for everybody who meets the requirements for the application. Your application for Canada visiting visa may be denied for security, health or financial reasons

What is Visiting Canada Visa Application Requirements?

In order to expect a good note from the Canada visa application centre, you must meet up with requirements. According to the official website https://www.canada.ca/en.html, applicants must satisfy the following basic requirements to get a visitor visa, they are;

  • Applicant must be in good health
  • Must have a valid travel document, like a passport
  • You must satisfy with particulars to the immigration officers that you have something that will bring you back to your home country after spending the period given to you on the visa
  • You must show that you have enough money to take on throughout your stay in Canada
  • Canadian Visa applicant should be able to prove to the immigration officers that he will travel back home at the end of the visit.
  • You must have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • Provide a medical exam and letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada.

What makes you ineligible for a Canadian Visa application?

Under Canadian law, certain groups of foreign nationals are ineligible for Canadian visas. For example, a foreign national who’s deemed a security threat or who has medical issues that pose a danger to public health will be denied access into Canada.

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Consequently, A foreign national is ineligible for a Visiting Canada visa application if he or she has been convicted of, or has admitted to committing, a crime involving moral turpitude Convicted of two or more offences relating to crime and human right violation.


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