Unfollow people on Facebook | Facebook unfollow list 2020

Unfollow people on Facebook

The topic of Facebook subscription raises many questions from users of the social network. People do not always understand where to look at this information in order to make changes, remove or add new subscribers in the future. Below we will consider the main questions and provide step-by-step instructions for solving them.

How do I unfollow people on Facebook?

Immediately, we note that when a person is added as a friend, he automatically goes into the category of subscribers. In addition, the system allows people who do not belong to the category of friends to subscribe to updates. To set up on Facebook who can subscribe to updates, follow these steps:

Press the down arrow at the top right; go to the Settings section; click on the Public publications section;
select Friends or Everyone next to Who can follow me.

Now let’s look at how to follow a person on Facebook. The algorithm of actions is almost identical for PCs and phones, so we will give general instructions. The algorithm of actions is as follows: enter the person’s profile or page (depending on where you plan to subscribe); click the Subscribe button.

In the future, you can unsubscribe from Facebook. After completing the mentioned work, you will be able to see user updates or new information through the news feed. After adding friends to someone, a Facebook subscription occurs automatically. A person who accepts another user as a friend automatically allows him to watch his updates.

If you wish, you can configure Facebook settings so that updates appear at the very top. To do this, you can set the priority in the display. Take steps like this:

go to Facebook News Feed settings; click on the link Select the priority of news to be shown; specify the person or Page whose update should be displayed at the very beginning. To enable subscription priority from your Facebook profile or Page, follow these steps:

If you have not yet activated the subscription, click on the Subscribe button under the cover of the page; hover the arrow over Subscriptions or Likes; select Priority on display.

The above function allows you to select up to 30 people/pages. In this case, the status of the selected persons is not determined. For example, the very first person added will not necessarily appear at the very top of the news.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the future, if a person does not want to receive news from another user or page, he has the right to refuse them. Before unsubscribing from a person on Facebook, keep in mind the following – the person’s posts no longer appear in the news feed, but the friendship remains (if the users were friends with each other).

To unsubscribe from updates to a group, page or user through the news feed, do the following:

Click on the three dots in the upper right; select the Unsubscribe button. Alternatively, you can directly unsubscribe from a user, group, or page. The algorithm is as follows:

Enter the profile, group or user page (the one from which you want to unsubscribe); move the cursor to Subscriptions or click on the Join button next to the cover photo; select Unsubscribe.

Knowing how to unsubscribe from Facebook, you can always unsubscribe from news forever. If you want to do this temporarily, you can enable group, page, or user blocking. In this case, information about the person is not displayed for a month. In this case, information about blocking is not transmitted anywhere. To temporarily block a person on Facebook, do the following:

Click the three dots in the upper right; Click the Temporarily block button. To disable the blocking, enter the profile or page, click on Blocked, and then select Unblock. If you need to unblock the group, find the Join button, click on it and select Unblock.

How do you know who you are following?

Another question from users is how to see who I am following on Facebook.

Go to your page; click on the Friends button; select the More section, and then select Subscriptions (or immediately click the Subscriptions button). Now you know how to view your Facebook subscriptions. If this information is not yet available, then no one has been added yet (except for friends).

How do you know who is following you?

On Facebook, you can quickly see who is subscribed to a page or group. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

Enter the page or group; Go to the Settings section;
Select the People and other Pages tab in the left column;

See the list of Facebook subscribers

To see how many people have signed up, take a look at the right side or switch to Community. If you have a question of how to find out on Facebook who subscribed to me, you can easily solve this problem in a specified way.

Network users are often interested in other users’ subscriptions. For example, on the Web, there is often a question of how to look at Facebook on whom a friend is following. There is no way to get such information on the social network.