How to Unlike Someone on OurTime


Navigating the online dating world can be exciting and, at times, challenging. OurTime offers a user-friendly platform tailored for individuals over 50, fostering connections based on shared interests and preferences. However, there may come a time when you wish to unlike someone you previously showed interest in. Understanding “How to Unlike Someone on OurTime” is crucial for maintaining your comfort and satisfaction on the platform.

Why You Might Want to Unlike Someone on OurTime

Before delving into the specifics of how to unlike someone, it’s important to understand the reasons behind this decision. Perhaps you accidentally liked a profile, or upon further consideration, you realized that the person might not be the right match for you. Changes in personal circumstances or preferences can also lead to this decision. Knowing “How to Unlike Someone on OurTime” allows you to manage your interactions and maintain a list of potential matches that truly resonate with your current interests.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Unlike Someone on OurTime

  1. Log in to Your Account: Start by accessing the OurTime platform. You can do this either through the website or the mobile app, depending on your preference.
  2. Navigate to Your Likes: Once logged in, find the section that displays your current likes or favorites. This is typically found in your profile dashboard or under a specific tab labeled ‘My Likes’ or ‘Favorites.’
  3. Find the Person You Wish to Unlike: Scroll through your list of likes until you find the individual you want to unlike. Remember, this action is about refining your preferences and ensuring your comfort on the platform.
  4. Select the Unlike Option: OurTime usually provides a straightforward option to unlike or remove someone from your list of likes. This could be represented by an icon (such as a heart or star) that you can deselect, or there might be a specific ‘Unlike’ button.
  5. Confirm Your Action: Depending on the platform’s design, you might be asked to confirm your decision to unlike someone. This step ensures that you don’t accidentally remove someone from your likes.
  6. Review Your List of Likes: After unliking someone, take a moment to review your remaining list. This process helps ensure that your likes accurately reflect your interests and preferences.

Tips for Managing Your Interactions on OurTime

  • Regularly Review Your Likes: Interests and preferences can evolve. Periodically reviewing whom you’ve liked on OurTime ensures your interactions remain aligned with your current desires.
  • Use Features Wisely: OurTime offers various features to refine your search and interactions. Utilize filters and privacy settings to manage who can see your profile and whom you interact with.
  • Be Mindful of Your Privacy: Always prioritize your safety and privacy. If you decide to unlike someone, consider reviewing your privacy settings to manage who can contact you or view your profile.
  • Engage Positively: Even if you decide to unlike someone, it’s important to maintain a positive and respectful attitude on the platform. Online dating is about exploration and finding compatibility, and preferences naturally vary among users.


Understanding “How to Unlike Someone on OurTime” is a valuable aspect of navigating the platform effectively. Whether you’re refining your preferences or adjusting to new circumstances, the ability to manage your likes ensures a tailored and comfortable online dating experience. Remember to use this feature thoughtfully, as it impacts your interactions and potential connections on ourtime

By following the step-by-step guide and tips provided, you can confidently manage your likes and dislikes, ensuring your OurTime experience is both enjoyable and reflective of your current dating goals. Remember, “How to Unlike Someone on OurTime” is just one aspect of managing your online dating journey, emphasizing the importance of a tailored and considerate approach to online connections.

Incorporating the phrase “How to Unlike Someone on OurTime” throughout this guide helps highlight the importance of understanding and utilizing platform features to enhance your online dating experience. As you continue to navigate OurTime, keep these insights in mind to ensure your interactions remain aligned with your preferences and comfort level.

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