US Tourist Visa: The Requirements and How to Apply

US Tourist Visa

If you plan to travel to the US as a foreigner for whichever purpose you will need a Visa.  The focus here is the US Tourist Visa, the requirements, and how to successfully apply for the visa. Before now you must have known that a Tourist Visa is a visa that allows a limited period of leisure travel within a country, but no business activity involved.

The US Tourist Visa which is also called  Standard Visitor Visa is a short-stay visa that allows its holder to stay in the US for up to 6 months or less. However, the embassy has the right to issue visas for a shorter period of time.

The fact is that whether you need to obtain a Tourist visa to be able to travel to the US, all rely on your nationality. You will need to obtain a US Tourist Visa if you are a national of one of the countries allowed for free entry. In order to qualify to apply for a tourist visa for the US, you must pass the general grounds for denial such as listed below.

  • Your Passport Photo must not be older than 6 months. Valid Passport or Travel document with at least 6 months remaining to the expiration on the date of travel with at least 2 visa pages clear of any markings are highly recommended.
  • Your Covering letter should contain all your details, including if any details of the other members traveling with you.
  • Travel itinerary (travel reservation to and from the country/area in your name, not a ticket)

Requirements for US Tourist Visa

The major reason why some countries are strick with issuing their Tourist visa that many after getting to the country may not like to return to his her home country. For decades now, being able to show successfully that the applicant has every intention of returning to their home country at the end of their permitted stay is the prime thing that will determine getting US Tourist visa approval. Therefore you should be able to show that your travel to the US will be temporary, intention to depart the U.S. at end of your stay and that you are able to support yourself financially throughout your stay in the country.

Documents For the Visa Application

  • As an applicant, you must have a valid passport having at least six months up the date of your stay in the U.S.
  • You must fill out Form DS-160 and Online Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application as specified
  • You need one color photo size of 2 inches square taken within the last six months in full-face view over a white or off-white background.
  • Applicants must pay a non-refundable processing fee.

US Tourist Visa Duration

The US Tourist visa duration is used to explain the amount of time you are allowed to spend in the US once you arrive. The important thing you need to know is that the US tourist visa duration cannot exceed 1 year. The amount of time you can spend in the US is at the discretion of the consular officer that holds the interview at the US embassy.

As with other non-immigrant U.S. visas, a B-1/B-2 visa has a validity period (from 1 month to 10 years) subject to the discretion of the US government and the Consular. It may allow you for one, two, three, or multiple entries into the U.S.

US Tourist Visa Application Procedures

To apply for a visa to visit the US you will go through these simple steps:

  • Before you apply make sure that you are qualified for a US tourist visa.
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Collect the required documents.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Attend the interview.

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Just as I mentioned above, the main thing you should know is that US Tourist Visa duration is at the discretion of the consular subject to the government approval