US Visa Requirements: Documents Needed For Study, Appointment & Work Visa

US Visa Requirements

Do you want to travel to the U.S but unsure of the visa requirements? It’s normal and a near tradition that anyone who wants to travel outside his or her country must have in hand all that is needed for the visa registration. It’s therefore good that you know the necessary documents to be submitted before you proceed to the Embassy for the application.

Applying for a US visa, it’s the reason as you stated on the form that determined the kind of US visa application to make and be granted. It is good you know why you are traveling to the country as it precedes the requirements for the formal application. You can’t arrange US visa documents unless you already know what they are.

After going through this post you will know the requirements for all types of US Visa.  To this end, there are some important documents which the US Embassy or consulate cannot count off. They must be in every applicant documentation or else the US visa application will be unsuccessful. And you know what that means, getting your application rejected, you have to start the whole process over again. Here we go!

US Visa Requirements for All Foreigners

  • As a foreigner, the US Embassy or consulate requires the following documents for US visa application;
  • An application form (DS 160 for non-immigrant visas or DS 260 for immigrant visas).
  • An international passport that is at least six months valid above and how long you want to spend the US.
  • Two colored original photographs of the applicant that meet the demand of visa photograph
  • A visa fee payment receipt that will qualify the applicant for US visa interview.
  • The purpose of the travel
  • Your ability to pay all cost of the trip
  • Medical exam
  • A civil document includes a Birth certificate, adoption certificate, marriage certificate, marriage termination
  • certificate, court record, and a Police certificate.
  • Your financial background

US Visa Application Online Form

The kind of application that will be required of you depends on the type of US visa you want to apply for. The US Non-immigrant Visa application form DS-160 requires the applicant to fill the online form. There are different ways to make your travel application with this form; you may apply through the consular electronic center or with the help of an agent like the TravelAssist.

TravelAssist takes up the duty of filling the online form, and as a professional in the business make no mistake in the process. TravelAssist is a company that specializes in providing end-to-end visa assistance solutions. The duty of TravelAssist agent is also to help applicants enter the United States. They complete the form on the applicant’s behalf and deal in F-1 Student Visas, DS-160 Applications for Tourist or Business Visas, B-1/B-2 Visas, and C-1 Transit Visas.

You’re free to choose whatever method you think is easier and more convenient for your Visa application.

The application form

The DS-160 US Visa requirements come in two folds as you have seen above. The first stage requires your personal details while the second part consists of your conduct in your country records. In addition to the above documents, you may be required to provide the following;

  • Sponsorship documents
  • Travel itinerary
  • Previous USA visas
  • Invitation letter
  • Property Documents
  • Employment / Professional Documents
  • Family Documents
  • Letter from a physician

DS-260 Immigrant Online Visa application Form Requirements

The DS-260 online application form is for an immigrant visa. Just as required in a non-immigrant visa application, your personal information such as the following is needed; Your Full name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Nationality, Home Address, Phone number, Email, Occupation, Education, and Family information

These documents are to be supported with the record of your conduct such as;
Court record, whether or not you have been convicted of any offense and Police certificate in respect to whether or not you have been arrested and other security-wise questions.

All forms must be filled in English or the official language of the country in which the interview takes place. Some questions are optional, you can decide to answer them or not. At the completion of the application, you must click the “Sign” Application” button to avoid US visa refusal or denial.

Don’t forget to submit and print out the information, it’s important for your US visa interview. The US visa photo requirement is one of the main requirements for every US visa you apply for. It is a better means of identification.
Note that the visa fee is non-refundable if you decide to cancel your appointment or if your visa application is rejected.

Documents Required For USA Visitor Visa

One of the major requirements for US visitor visa is a letter of invitation rightly from the person who is inviting you to the US. The person making the invitation must be a US citizen or legal resident of US, and that they have enough room for the visitor for the entire period of their stay in the US.
It must be confirmed that someone in US is inviting you or else it will be rejected.

Requirements for Travel for Medical Treatment

U.S. Visa Appointment/Emergency/Medical Visa

Where you are applying for a visa to travel U.S for health and medical purposes, then the consular officer will require these documents from you, which must be filled accordingly.

  • Medical Diagnosis. This must be obtained from a doctor in your country explaining why you need to travel to the US for medical treatment and why you can’t b treated in your country.
  • A confirming letter from a medical facility in the US stating that they are capable of treating your ailment.
    Financial means of paying for the bill and other expenses, such as transportation, medical, and living expenses.

US Student Visa Requirements

Where you are applying for a US student and exchange visa, the consular officer in charge will ask you to bring a document confirming that you have been given admission in the US to pursue a program. The institution that gave you admission educational institutions has to be under the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). You will need also to pay SEVIS I-901 fee in addition to the normal visa fee and submit proof of payment during the interview.

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US Work Visas

There are many kinds of US work visas you may like to apply, but you are required to provide the following documents for the US visa application.

  • Your educational qualifications (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, diplomas, and certifications)
  • The type offered by US employer
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter from previous employers
  • State License (if applicable)
  • Evidence that you have abilities to work in US, other fees.

Upon fulfilling and providing the required document, you will wait for your visa. You will also be interviewed.