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University of Texas provides students with an official Utexas Edu email address to allow the school to communicate with its students in a more secure way. The reason for this is that the school sends emails to your personal email accounts, there is a possibility that you may not receive the information. On the other hand, if University of Texas sends you email to your official student account, there is very little chance of you not receiving it. Only new students who have never applied to University of Texas before will receive an email to their personal email address.

The University of Texas upon your registration as a student sends you email. The email will always be sent to your Utexas Edu Email account. But if you are a new student who has never applied to the university before, you’ll receive University of Texas welcome message to your personal email address that you provided in your application. This welcome email will contain instructions for setting up your Utexas account – this is needed to activate your Utexas Email account, where all future emails from the school management will be sent.

It is recommended you check your Utexas Edu Email at least once a day to make sure you stay updated with the school information. Keep reading for instructions on logging into your Student Email account.

The University of Texas official email goes to your edu email address hosted by your school email provider. This includes messages sent by Admissions & Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, as well as your Instructors and Deans.

To be able to receive email from University of Texas, you have to claim and activate your Utexas Email account. Once your account is created, your student email account will be activated at the same time. You will use your MyUtexas password for your Utexas.edu Student Email account.

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How to Activate Utexas Edu Email

To get your University of Texas student email account, you only need to do one thing!

1. Create your Utexas Account

2. Go to Utexas.edu to complete this step

If you have already done this, you are all set to start using your Utexas email!

NOTE: Only students who enrolled and/or registered are eligible to have Utexas Email addresses.

Utexas Edu Email Login

As you probably understand, your MyUtexas username makes up the first part of your new student email address. You have 4 options to access your Utexas Student Email:

1. Login to the University of Texas Portal at MyUtexas.edu with your username and password. In the top right section of the page (or in the middle of the page on your phone or tablet), click/tap on the link to open up your student email account. This section of the Portal will also show you how many unread emails are waiting for you in your inbox.

2. Go to https://utmail.utexas.edu/ and enter your Utexas student Email address, then click the “Next” button. You will then be redirected back to Microsoft Outlook to login with your username and password.

3. Use the Microsoft Outlook mobile app to login with your Student Email address and password.

4. Add your Utexas Student Email account to your home computer’s email app – just select email the provider, then type in your Email address and password.

That is all about Utexas Edu email.

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