How to Verify Shopee Account Without Phone Number

You can make an Shopee account with an email address. However, you have to provide your phone number in the period of using it. You cannot bypass the phone verification but there are few tricks you can use.

For Shopee, the essential step is to verify the account just registered, because the account verified by phone or email can be more secure. If you want to skip the verification step and create a new account, you can use a VPN.

How to Verify Shopee Account Without a Phone Number

So, I had attempted to create a new Shopee account through my work email and had even been in contact with Shopee phone support, however a day after speaking with them on the phone and letting my puzzle loving mind go wild, I was able to find a resolution that worked for me.

Here’s what I did:

1. On your lphone, launch a VPN pointing to the United States

2. Load the Shopee shopping app.

3. Create an account using a Gmail account (Make sure if you’re at work that you are not connected to WIFI, you want to be using cellular data). Because it is a Gmail account, coming from the states, using cellular data, it does not ask for you to complete a puzzle, nor does it request a phone number.

4. With the Shopee account created go ahead and go to account settings and change the email address to the one you want to use. Once you have changed the email address it will ask for a phone number but it WILL give you the option to skip.

Hopefully this workaround is useful for anyone other than just me.

In most cases, you can make an Shopee account using the Gmail but while placing the orders and location clarity to the delivery agent at that time you must update the number only on the orders, that number will not be added to your account until you add from your self in the account information.

What this means is that you can create Shopee account using your email with out phone number. but when your order any item from Shopee you must provide your phone number. It’s using for product delivery. But the number can’t show your Shopee profile. If you provide the phone number for showing from Shopee profile setting then it’s showing.

Can I Verify Shopee by Email

YES, For email verification, the first verification code will be triggered by system automatically. You can click ” Get A Code” again to receive a new one if you received it.

To verify your Shopee by email:

1. Go to the “Me” tab and click on the Setting icon.

2. Select “Account & Security” 

3. Then, select “Email” and enter verify by “Email OTP” for verification.

4. Click on “CONTINUE” and enter new email address.

5. Then, you’ll need to verify your new email address via the verification link that was sent to your inbox.

6. Open the message in your inbox and click on the link Shopee sent you.

You can also change or unlink email from Shopee any time you feel you don’t want your email on the website.

Why Cannot I Receive My Shopee Email Verification Code?

If you do not receive Shopee email verification code, please check the situations below:

1. Search with keyword “Shopee” in both of your inbox and trash.

2. To check with your email service operator to see whether they blocked the verification code email or filtered the email as spam.

4. To add the email address end with to your white list and then try again.

5. Your email code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive depends on your email service operator. Do not repeatedly clicking.

6. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages. Please re-submit request, use different browsers, clear cookies and try again later.

If you still have problem, you could try to change an email address, or contact Shopee customer service to get help.

Can I Buy Shopee Without Verification?

Everyone is free to buy from Shopee. In terms of quantity, there is no limit on either end. That means anyone individuals and businesses can buy goods in small and large quantities of their choice on the platform.

Shopee states that as a buyers you’ll only be able to initiate a chat with the seller or place an order after you have successfully updated your phone number. Verification code will be sent to your mobile number for registration and you will only be able to purchase after your registration is successful.