Why You Need To Enable Google Factor Authentication

Why do you need Google 2 Factor Authentication? With the persistent increase in the rate of fraudulent activities on the internet, it’s the best thing to activate 2FA in all the account you have online. 2 Factor Authentication Google app is the most reliable app one can use to set up this Security check on Android phones.

Our daily transactions are gradually taking more space online than offline. Therefore you need to secure your sensitive details and document from being hacked.

The 2 Factor Authentication from Google may still be strange in the ear of many but don’t tell me that your files are not important to you. Beside updating password regularly there are great needs to activate 2 Factor Authentication in your Android phones and other devices. With this enabled in your device the fear of hackers would be put to the lowest ebb.

Now how does Two Factor Authentication works? This seems to be the question which many of you need an urgent answer. 2FA as popularly called is a Security check arrangement in which one is expected to pass two steps verification process while logging in to an account.

It works virtually on all platforms where the account can be created like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Namecheap, Godaddy, HostGator, Bluehost and many more.

Be it the above way, Two Factor Authentication is usually activated with two devices; Desktop and mobile phone. The steps with which you are to activate the 2FA on different accounts vary. Recently we published an article on How to Set Firefox two factors authentication

We may not be explaining the process involved in setting it up in your different account son this post but our subsequent article will contain how you can enable the Two Factors Authentications. Here we just want to create a background on why you should get the security system working all account you have online.

Why You Need To Activate the 2 Factor Authentication from Google

1.Lower helpdesk and security management costs

Two Factor Authentication

It’s apparent that the cost of keeping your file safe online is alarming though might be affordable to some persons once you get 2FA activated on your account nobody can break into it without your consent. If you do not want to spend all your hard-earned money paying a third party to manage and secure your files then what you need is to enable 2FA and do the management yourself.

2. Increase productivity and flexibility

You may ask how 2 Factor Authentication increases productivity and flexibility, it’s simple; It does this when you do not need to wait for anybody before you start up work for the day. Some agents may not give you immediate reply when want to do something important thereby wasting time trying to pass all the processes to get you connected. With 2FA active you are can connect to work at your convenience time.

3. Improved security

We talked about security as the primary reason one needs to enable 2 Factors Authentication. Hackers work tirelessly every now and again to steal others private information. It’s no longer strange news how bank accounts are hacked online today, on the vein you have also heard of private information being exposed online, these are as a a result of weak security. Therefore security is the major reason you need to enable this security check.

4. Reduce fraud and build secure online relationships

Once you set up 2FA, you have kept fraudulent activities at minimal because there will be no way to impermissibly access your account.

5. Simplification of Login Process

Another reason for 2 Factor Authentication is that it makes login easier. It reduces the errors you may have while trying to access your account or files. What you would do each time you want to access your account after the activation is to copy the six digits code sent to you and paste on the space provided for it and you will be taken immediately to your homepage.

Other reasons are, It’s a holistic approach to mobile engagement solution and it Boosts productivity with mobility.

How Does 2FA Works after Activation

Upon activation on a device like Android phones you will be required to fill in the code that will be generated by the app into the third space on login field, the field always come last except on social media like Whatsapp where you will receive a code through text. It’s a step you must pass once 2FA is active on your phone. The code lasts for a few seconds after which it will expire. So endeavour to use the code immediately it’s generated.

2 Factor Authentication App

The app is developed by Google, the biggest company in the world today and you can get it in Play Store if you are using an Android device, then App Store for iPhone users.

Secure your account and file jealously with 2FA. In our next topic, we shall be teaching you one after the other how to enable the 2 factor Authentication on various social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.