15 Best Excel Formula Generator AI Tools

Excel Formula Generator AI tools are powered by artificial intelligence created to simplify and expedite the process of creating complex Excel formulas. Utilizing advanced algorithms, these generators interpret natural language instructions, allowing you to input commands in plain English. These Excel Formula AI Generators translate your prompts into functional Excel formulas, automating what would traditionally be a manual and time-consuming task.

15 Best Excel Formula Generator AI Tools

There are free and paid Excel Formula Generator AI like GPTExcel, Sheet+, AI Excel Bot, and Excel Formularizer that offer essential features. Excel Formula Bot and Formula Generator follow a freemium model, providing both free and paid features. SheetGod, PromptLoop, Excelly-AI, and Formula Dog are paid tools offering advanced features.

Transforming the way you tackle spreadsheets, the Best Excel Formula Generator AI brings a user-friendly approach. These tools, powered by artificial intelligence, take the hassle out of creating formulas. By analyzing data and understanding your instructions, it generates accurate formulas, saving you time and avoiding mistakes. Whether you’re simplifying tasks or diving into data, these Excel formula generators make things easier. For Excel Formula Generator AI

Best Formula Generators for Excel AI

Here is a list of formula generators for Excel AI:

1. Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI Formula Generator

Arcwise AI, priced at $300/month for small teams and $600/month for large teams, goes beyond formula recommendations. This Google Sheets extension provides chat-based spreadsheet assistance, making it an excellent choice if you are new to Excel.

The tool’s automation feature extends to data cleaning and scraping, creating charts and graphs, and offering a holistic solution if you are seeking to speed up your spreadsheet tasks.

2. AI Excel Bot

AI Excel Bot

AI Excel Bot, operating on a freemium model, enables you to create complex Excel formulas in seconds using simple English prompts. Using the state-of-the-art GPT-3 AI model, this tool provides real-time feedback, allowing you to generate formulas without delving into technical details.

The user-friendly and intuitive design, coupled with the tool’s commitment to utilizing advanced AI technology, positions AI Excel Bot as a valuable asset for those aiming to enhance their productivity in Excel.

3. Ajelix

Ajelix AI Excel Formula Generator

Ajelix stands out with its ability to automate repetitive Excel tasks, simplifying the creation of complex formulas and authoring advanced VBA scripts. Beyond its formula prowess, Ajelix offers robust data cleaning features, allowing users to efficiently remove duplicates, fix errors, and format data correctly.

The tool also extends its features to data analysis, enabling you to run statistical tests and generate insightful reports. This multifaceted approach makes Ajelix a comprehensive solution for those looking to enhance their Excel skills across various domains.

4. PromptLoop


PromptLoop, a paid AI tool, simplifies AI usage in Google Sheets and Excel through a formula that categorizes, summarizes, and transforms text data. It distinguishes itself by analyzing diverse data sets, such as sales lists, generating SEO and keywords, drafting customer messaging, and unpacking survey responses.

The tool’s ability to execute these tasks without requiring advanced AI expertise or programming skills positions PromptLoop as a great and accessible solution tool for those seeking automated data transformations.

5. Formulas HQ

Formulas HQ Excel Formula Generator AI

Formulas HQ, with plans starting at $18/month for Formula Pro and $12/month for Yearly Pro, proves its worth beyond formula generation. It excels as a VBA and AppScript generator, offering you the ability to solve complex regular expressions.

The tool also supports integration with various applications, making it a good tool if you are looking to go deeper into Excel automation. Formulas HQ’s pricing plans serve different needs, providing flexibility and scalability.

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6. AI Office Bot

AI Office Bot, a free-of-cost tool, not only creates and explains formulas in Airtable, Google Sheets, and Excel but also supports over 12 applications.

This expansive application support makes it an ideal choice for users dealing with diverse datasets and tasks. With a focus on handling large datasets and creating dashboards, AI Office Bot emerges as a powerful tool for those seeking a free yet robust AI-driven solution.

7. Goodlookup


Goodlookup, available at a yearly subscription of $15, utilizes GPT-3’s intuitive abilities for more than just text-to-text record linking problems.

The tool employs techniques similar to vlookup or index match, making it a valuable asset for data cleaning and visualization enhancements. Its enhanced lookup functions set it apart, providing you with advanced capabilities to expedite topic clustering tasks in Google Sheets.

8. Excel Formula Bot

 Excel Formula Bot

Excel Formula Bot, with its freemium model, serves you well if you want a seamless transition from text instructions to Excel and Google Sheets formulas. Its user-friendly and intuitive design stands out, providing real-time feedback during formula generation.

The tool goes beyond mere formula creation; it’s a solution for those aiming to speed up workflows and boost productivity by automating the generation of formulas.

9. Formula Generator

Formula Generator

Formula Generator, operating on a freemium model, is a comprehensive AI toolkit. Its ability to simplify the creation of Excel formulas, VBA automation, Regex, and SQL queries positions it as a one-stop solution for various data problems.

The incorporation of an AnswersBot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, adds an interactive element, providing step-by-step answers to spreadsheet-related queries and enhancing the user experience.

10. SheetGod

SheetGod Excel Formula Generator AI

SheetGod, a paid tool, is not limited to generating complex Excel formulas; it extends its capabilities to macros, regular expressions, and Google AppScript code snippets.

The user-friendly dashboard, coupled with tutorials, makes it accessible even to users new to Excel automation. Its support for tasks like marketing emails and PDF generation positions SheetGod as a versatile tool for diverse spreadsheet needs.

11. GPTExcel

GPTExcel Excel Formula Generator AI

GPTExcel, a free tool, stands out with its impressive count of 24,387 generated formulas. The website’s easy-to-use interface allows users to input requirements and receive customized formulas along with detailed explanations.

This feature not only facilitates formula usage but also aids users in understanding the underlying logic, making GPTExcel an educational tool for Excel enthusiasts.

12. Sheet+


SheetPlus, with its freemium model, addresses the need for accelerated formula writing in Google Sheets and Excel. The tool’s claim of making users 10 times faster at formula creation is backed by its ability to transform text into accurate formulas within seconds.

Beyond formula generation, SheetPlus offers features like converting formulas into explanations and debugging formulas, making it an invaluable asset for users aiming to enhance their spreadsheet skills.

13. Excelly-AI


Excelly-AI, operating on a paid model, utilizes GPT-3.5-turbo technology for effortless text-to-Excel conversions. In addition to its formula generation prowess, this tool supports integration into Slack, promoting team knowledge sharing and productivity. Excelly-AI’s commitment to providing explanations for each formula enhances user understanding and positions the tool as a valuable asset for collaborative and data-driven environments.

14. Excel Formularizer

Excel Formularizer, a freemium tool, simplifies the conversion of text instructions into Excel formulas, providing a quick and easy solution for you if you want to transform ideas into functional formulas.

The tool’s support for various instructions, including the use of regular expressions, adds versatility to its formula generation capabilities. Excel Formularizer’s commitment to saving time and effort while creating complex Excel formulas positions it as a user-friendly solution for a wide range of spreadsheet tasks.

15. Formula Dog

Formula Dog Excel Formula Generator AI

Formula Dog, a paid AI-driven tool, focuses on enabling users to concentrate on the “what” rather than the “how” by automatically converting text instructions into Excel formulas and VBA code.

Its user-friendly and intuitive interface interprets user instructions seamlessly, providing instant feedback and simplifying the understanding of complex formulas. The tool’s unique feature of translating code, formulas, and SQL into English adds an extra layer of versatility, making Formula Dog a powerful companion for users navigating the intricacies of spreadsheet work.

These Excel formula generators enable you to speed up your work and increase productivity. For their prices, you can visit their various websites for more details. You can also check our website, as we’ll write complete reviews of all of them in our next article.