Florida Atlantic University Student Portal

Florida Atlantic University abbreviated as FAU student portal is an online gateway where a student can login and register for courses, submit assignments, and applications, and check for the academic calendar, latest news, emails, and results online. It is designed by the school management to enable the students to perform some academic tasks without having to visit the offices. 

Here we’ll show you how to utilize the Florida Atlantic University student portal and email for a better experience, including Florida Atlantic University admission online application, how to check your exam results/grades, and application status.

Florida Atlantic University student portal requires your student ID and password to login. It can be accessed by both old and new students but with some limitations. Whether you want to check exam results, admission status, email, submit an assignment or want to know which course you are likely to take during an active session, you must first login to the student portal.

How Do I Get Florida Atlantic University Student Portal Account?

Before you create your student account as Florida Atlantic University prospective student, you must ensure you have a student reference/ID number.

  • If you did not receive any SMS from the school, simply visit the admission portal and click on the “Registration” link. Provide the information required and click on the ” submit button and wait for your registration number.
  • Now login to the Florida Atlantic University official student portal and follow the prompts to provide your biographical information, complete fee payment, and print your confirmation of registration. 
  • Once you are through with the registration, you will get a password and student ID which you will use to access other services the portal offers.

Florida Atlantic University Student Portal Login 

To access your profile dashboard, you have to login to the Florida Atlantic University portal with your registration number.

1. Go to the Florida Atlantic University website portal at https://myfau.fau.edu/.

2. Click on the Student login button on the homepage.

3. Enter your user ID. Your username could be either your registration number or school-issued email address or your personal email address in which case the school has on your file.

4. Click “Login”. You will be redirected to your dashboard.

If you forgot your login ID or password it can be recovered from the “Forgot student ID/Password” link below the login button. You will need to enter your school or your personal email address to receive the recovery link. You can also request a change or recovery of your password from the Florida Atlantic University IT Help Center.

Do not reveal your password to another person to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

FAU Application Portal

1. To apply for Florida Atlantic University admission online, you need to use the application portal located on the Florida Atlantic University official website.

2. Once you are at the homepage, click on the “apply now” button on each course page of the website.

3. A data collection form will appear on the screen.

4. Fill up the form accordingly.

5. Cross-check the information you provided and click the “Submit” button below.

If more than one intake or placement option is available, make sure you select the option you want.

Note that the system does not check your application for completeness or accuracy, which could mean it takes longer to receive a decision than if you receive advice from a local representative.

FAU Application Status

After you apply for the FAU program, the Office of the Admissions will send you an email confirming that they have received your application and will include your username and password for the online status checker in this email and how to access the applicant status portal, which can be used to monitor the progress of your application.

However, if you still haven’t received any notification from Florida Atlantic University, it might be the right time to check your application status by yourself. It’s not hard to do and to make it even easier. Follow the steps below to check your application status.

How to Check FAU Application Status

For you to be able to track your application’s progress, you will need the email address you provided during your Florida Atlantic University application.

1. Go to the Florida Atlantic University portal and log in to your account with your email and password. It must be the email you provided when you created your application account.

2. Enter Student Number, Surname, Full first name, Date of birth when prompted and click the “Continue” button.

3. When you are done, the page will be able to open for you to see the status of your application for admission.

You can access the online application as many times as you wish to check if a decision has been rendered on your file. If admitted, you will be able to submit your enrollment decision via the online application. Florida Atlantic University enrollment decisions must be entered by the date communicated in the admission letter.

MyFAU Admission Portal

Florida Atlantic University admission portal is open for checking of admission list and status. It is designed by the university to carry out online applications for the prospective students of the school.

In most cases, when your decision is ready to view, you will be sent a notification via email from Florida Atlantic University email that your status has been updated.

MyFAU Email

Florida Atlantic University email is an Edu email address created by the university for communication purposes with her students in a more secure way. The reason for this is that the school sends important information to the students via email. 

Upon any application as a registered student, you’ll receive an email confirming the status of such an application. The email will always be sent to your Florida Atlantic University student email 

However, if you are a new student who has never applied before, you’ll receive a welcome message to your personal email address that you provided in your application. This welcome email will contain instructions for setting up your student account – this is needed to activate your Florida Atlantic University email account, where all future emails from the school management will be sent.

Florida Atlantic University Email Activation

To be able to receive email messages from Florida Atlantic University you have to claim and activate your student email. Once your account is created, your student email account will be activated at the same time.

The Florida Atlantic University student email is hosted by your school email provider. So, after you activate your student email, you will start receiving messages sent by the school admissions portal, result portal, counseling, Financial Aid, as well as your instructors and deans.

It may take up to 24 hours for your mail account to be created

MyFAU Email Login

Your student username makes up the first part of your new student email address. To login email as a student on the Florida Atlantic University portal, follow these steps:

1. Go to the school website.

2. Click on the “Email” option at the top of the page.

3. Click “Log in”.

4. Enter your full email address and your password.

5. Click on the “Login” button under the login form.

NOTE: Only students who enrolled and/or registered are eligible to have Florida Atlantic University email addresses.

Florida Atlantic University Exam Result/Grades

After you complete your Florida Atlantic University sessional exam, there is quite a lengthy process that your exam paper passes through before its final mark is confirmed. After the first stage, your anonymized paper is returned and marked by the lecturer who set the exam.

The marking is then checked by internal and external examiners. Then all of the exam marks then go forward to the Final Exam Board for your subject, which only meets after every exam has taken place.

When your result is ready, you will be notified either through an email from your Programme Administrator telling you that your exam marks are available to view or the school notice board. You’ll then be able to find your results in the Student System.

How to Check Florida Atlantic University Exam Result

To check your results/grades, you can login to the official website.

1. Click on the “Academics” tab provided on the homepage.

1. Click the results link and a data form will appear.

2. Enter the Registration Number and click the show result button.

3. The result appears on the screen. You can print or save it as a PDF file for reference purposes.

Florida Atlantic University Registration

Ready to apply? Go to the official Florida Atlantic University website, select the appropriate online application in this section and learn about the steps you’ll take to complete the application process. You’ll also find instructions about submitting academic records and any other required documents, as well as information about tracking the status of your application after you’ve applied.

How Long Does Florida Atlantic University Take to Respond to Applications?

The verification of applications takes some time. You may only receive feedback from Florida Atlantic University six to eight weeks after the closing date for applications.


Florida Atlantic University student portal and email login are means you can communicate with the school. You need your student ID to access the school website. Just as we already mentioned and explained above, some of the things you can do on the Florida Atlantic University portal are course registration, checking of sessional results, admission status, online application, email login, transcript, deferment of admission,  academic calendar, extra credit hours, email programs, timetables, exam schedules, etc. 

You can also reset or change your password on the portal.

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