Fou Movies – Reviews and its Alternative Sites 2022

Watching movies has become one of the best ways to learn the realities of the world and also a source of happiness. In this post, we explain everything you need to know about Fou Movies, reviews, alternative sites, and also information on the categories of movies like Hollywood (English Movies) and Hindi movies you can download from on the Fou Movies website.

When it comes to movies and the idea of downloading movies online, there is quite a handful to choose from. However, one of my personal favorites is Fou Movies.

Fou Movies Review

Fou Movies is a site that provides movies, animation, and TV shows from different sources for people to downland and watch for free. The source might be torrent, Usenet, or perhaps direct download. The majority of their content is hosted on third-party websites. FouMovies claims to be a legal movie site but still, it is not approved by any country, including the USA, due to copyright issues. Still, some people can access them directly by pretending to be in some other country.

Fou Movies provides a wide catalog of movies to download. These include the latest 2022 movies and movies from way back. Remember an interesting movie released in the 1980s/90s? You can find them on the platform. That’s how vast the website is.

On the Fou movies, you can download movies by Genre, English movies, and Hindi Movies. Hence, if you are into American films, the website has got you. In the same vein, if you are into Bollywood Movies, the website has got you too.

Fou Movies Search

The Fou Movies website is designed to help users easily find their preferred movies. Once you land on the homepage of Fou Movies, you can begin searching for your desired movie, TV series, etc., by either using the website’s search widget or by perusing one of the provided search categories. In the latter case, you can use any of the search options such as Search by released date, Search by order and Search by Movie Name.

Using any of the just-mentioned search options could be your surest bet particularly if you have some interesting details handy. Such details could be the movie title, name of the movie director, or names of notable actors.

You may opt to use either of Fou Movies’ major categories in searching for your preferred movie. While these categories happen to be Movies by Genre, English Movies, and Hindi movies, you’re pretty sure of quickly locating your desired kind of movie by browsing the category it falls into such as:

By Released year

On the website, you can sort movies by released date. under the by-released date option, you should find the latest updated movies on the website. The movies are usually shown in numbers. However, by tapping on this option, you should get a full list of movies that were released updated.

Right beside the movies, is the quality it has been updated to. This can go from CAM to TS to WEB-DL to HDRip, DVDRip to BluRay.

By Alphabets

By alpha option allows you to select movies to download by their alphabet. This works in the same vein as some TV show download sites.

Movies are streamlined by the alphabet they start with. By this sorting, you can easily get to a movie from the first letter it starts with. For that reason, I tend to visit this session to download movies I haven’t seen before. If other users love the film, there is a chance I will too.

By Quality

This option displays the latest movies based on the quality. If you are specifically in need of newly released movies of high quality, this is the section that houses those.

These are the latest released movies. If interested in more quality movies that were recently released, click on the option and you will be taken to a full-page containing all the movies of that quality. You can also narrow your search by choosing movies by Genre, English movies, or Hindi Movies.

Foumovies English

If you’re a movie lover with an eye for excellent benefits, Fou Movies is likely one of the best websites you should consider for watching English Movies you so desire. Besides these, below are other amazing things about Fou Movies:

To download Foumovies English movies use a translator, I recommend Google translator because it is the most popular and translates correctly.

Free Download of Movies 

Fou Movies allows its users the ease of downloading their favorite movies without paying or registering. While this comes as one of the most exciting benefits of using Fou Movies, you can be sure of a free download for your desired Hollywood, English, Hindi, and Bollywood movies.

Ease of Searching for Movies 

One of such things most movie enthusiasts like about Fou Movies is that they can easily find any movie they want to download with the search button. Fou Movies packs a decent user interface coupled with an eye-catching and easy-to-navigate arrangement of movies.

While browsing the site for your favorite movies, you tend to find the contents more quickly by searching any of the relevant subcategories under Fou Movies subcategories. There are  simple subcategories stacked under major movie categories, users are very likely to locate their choice movies in no time by browsing the relevant subcategory

Availability of Diverse Contents 

The ease of downloading movies cutting across various genres and categories is just one of the things that impress movie addicts. Quite interestingly, Fou Movies fits into this impression as its database holds numerous movies cutting across notable categories (Movies by Genre, English movies, and Hindi movies) and other sub-categories which include drama, horror, comedy, thriller, and action.

More interestingly, Fou Movies boasts an imposing collection of TV series and you’re very likely to find all of your favorite Hollywood TV series on it

Support of Various Download Formats 

Fou Movies are downloadable in various formats including 3gp, mp4, and HD, hence giving Fou Movies users the chance to watch their favorite movies without missing out on the desired quality. For instance, any user who’s hell-bent on getting their favorite movies in HD quality can bank on Fou Movies for that

Availability of Newly Released Movies 

Fou Movies is loaded with newly released content including the latest Bollywood movies and Hollywood TV series. Notably, the site’s database is regularly updated with new movie releases, giving users a nice shot at enjoying their favorite movies immediately after being released

Despite all these features, Fou movie’s problem is that it has annoying ads that interrupt and take you to a different link thereby making movie download on the platform difficult for the users. You can come out of these, annoying ads issues if you have an adblocker or you can configure your browser to block ads on the website.

Fou Movies Subcategories

Below are the Fou Movies subcategories you can download from:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama and family
  • History and Horror
  • Music
  • News and Reality show
  • Romance and Scientific
  • Sport and Talkshow
  • Thriller and war.

Fou Movies Movies Quality 

Fou Movies is completely free to use and more importantly, the website is easy to navigate through. The website gets often updated with movies in CAM, TS, and as soon as they become available, in HD and Blu-ray quality.

Being able to download from the platform is also pretty easy and straightforward. Although there are quite a number of ads on the website, it’s quite easy to navigate through. This, I will be showing you how.

Movie download sizes on the Fou Movies website are also relatively small. Unlike most websites whose movies sizes are usually between 600MB and over 1GB depending on the quality, movies on FouMovies are around 200MB to 300MB. Why? Let me point out the features.

While movies on Fou Movies are said to be in HD quality which is often 720p, the movies on the website are compressed hence, the reason for the low download sizes.

Most Movies on the website are actually in HD quality but are compressed. Hence, although the video quality is 720p (HD) depending on the movie, the output is usually 480p or within this range. This means the movies downloaded on the website are suitable for mobile displays but may not be very.

Is Fou Movies Safe?

We ran a scan on the website using the Sucuri site check. There were no traces of viruses on the site, which means it’s a safe place for making downloads.

Besides, Sucuri highlights that the website isn’t on the Google blacklist.

Copyright Infringement

Fou Movies offers several TV shows and series, all for free. To the best of my knowledge, you should subscribe to Netflix or a paid streaming service to watch some of these movies

FouMovies General Features

  • The latest releases movies get updated on the website often
  • Old movies are equally updated over time
  • Easy to navigate through
  • Fast download servers
  • Different download servers to choose from
  • Ability to search for specific movies to download
  • Download Movies in different video quality
  • Download size of movies is relatively small
  • Ability to request for a movie to be uploaded

Those are basically all the features I can think of right now. If perhaps, you feel I missed out on something, please do not hesitate to state it in the comment section below.

How to Download Movies From Fou Movies

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to download movies from Fou Movies, I recommend using Opera mini browser or UC Browser. Google Chrome works too.

1. Go to the Fou Movies movie download page you want to download

2. Navigate down and select the quality you prefer. High MP4 is recommended.

3. On the next page, scroll down and tap on movie title>quality.

4. On the next page, scroll down and tap on the DOWNLOAD button

5. Then, select the download server you prefer. 

6. After a few seconds, the movie should begin downloading.

That’s it. That’s how to download movies from Fou Movies for absolutely free.

Fou Movies App

When writing this article, they are yet to discover a reliable link for you to download the Fou Movies HD app on your device from FouMovies. They will source the link and keep you updated.

Stay connected with us as they bring you more movie sites review and the latest movies to download. Share the post using the social media sharing button below if the article was helpful.

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Fou Movies Alternative Sites

Here are sites that have similar content to Fou Movies. Therefore if you are searching for the best alternatives to Fou Movies, then this is the exact place you can get all the best working links to these sites. The streaming industry is growing rapidly, and it has also made illegal activities much easier than before. Sites like Fou Movies have become popular in a very short time because they provide free movies and TV shows instantly.

Fou Movies use different techniques to acquire their contents which makes them illegal in all countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, etc. Circumventing these geo-restrictions is not difficult, but every site cannot be trusted blindly due to the existence of malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal information. It became mandatory to use VPNs while using such sites to prevent users from malware insertion into their devices.

14 Alternative Sites to Fou Movies in 2022

1. Waptrick

Waptrick is a completely ad-free movie streaming website. With over 10000 movies and TV-Series to choose from, you can watch movies online without having to register or pay. If you like, you may also download complete movies from Waptrick’s website and view them later.

2. Tvshow4mobile

Tvshow4mobile is a site that provides entertainment content, including movies, TV shows, and anime. The quality of streaming is not as good as other sites, but it can be trusted blindly without using VPN. They frequently update their website with new content so that users do not need to look for other websites.

3. Yidio

Your Internet Video, or Yidio, is a video aggregator. Its platform gathers material from a variety of subscription-based video streaming services and lets consumers access it all in one place.

Yidio provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. It is not necessary for you to register in order to watch your desired movie or show. They provide daily updates so that users don’t need to look for other sites.

4. SDMoviespoint

SDMoviespoint is another site that provides free movies and TV shows. Download Latest HD Movies Free For All types of Devices, Mobiles, PC, Tablets. It is not necessary for you to register in order to watch your desired movie or show. They provide daily updates so that users don’t need to look for other sites.


Over the years, has become one of the most popular movie download sites for Hindi TV series among internet users. Watch new movies and TV shows online for free in high definition. Movies and television series with the highest ratings. At, you may watch movies for free. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You can find your desired movie or TV show by searching it on the website or using the categories provided on the website.

6. CouchTuner

CouchTuner is a streaming service that has been available for eleven years. Since then, it has grown in popularity and has a large user base all around the globe. The site has a huge library of movies and TV series that users may view without registering or paying any fees.

7. Freemovieflix

Freemovieflix is a site that provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. The site has an easy-to-use interface that makes it quite popular among users every year. It is not necessary for you to register in order to watch your desired movie or show. They provide daily updates so that users do not need to look for other sites.

8. Project Free TV

ProjectFreeTv is an ad-free movie streaming service. With over 10000 movies and TV shows to choose from, you can watch movies online without having to register or pay.

9. HDMoviesMaza

Watch free HD movies and TV shows online with subtitles at EUROPIXHD. Online HD Movies with Subtitles are available for free.

A gang of persons with a disguised identity administers the website HDMoviesMaza movies. They publish the stuff there, and free video downloaders pay attention to it. As new and updated content is posted to the internet, an increasing number of visitors begin to visit the site. As a result, more adverts appear on the site, and the owners benefit.

10. EuropixHD

EUROPIX HD  movies and TV shows. Watch free HD movies and TV shows online with subtitles at EUROPIXHD. Online HD Movies with Subtitles are available for free. It is not necessary for you to register in order to watch your desired movie or show. They provide daily updates so that users don’t need to look for other sites.

11. Goojara to

Watch full-length Goojara ch movies online for free in HD rip quality. Without any program, you may quickly download famous Goojara VIP unblocked tv shows and movies.

This is a site that provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. The site has an easy-to-use interface that makes it quite popular among users every year. It is not necessary for you to register in order to watch your desired movie or show. They provide daily updates so that users don’t need to look for other sites.

12. CineBloom Movies

CineBloom is an online movie streaming service that provides consumers with illegal movies. You may watch a large choice of movies and television shows for free on CineBloom.’s material, on the other hand, is copyrighted. This website illegally dumps movies and TV series on its platform as soon as they are released in theaters.

This movie streaming service serves as an unauthorized repository for a number of Hollywood films and television shows. On, you may watch Bollywood movies in addition to Hollywood films. As a result, on CineBloom, movies and TV shows are posted without copyrights. As a result, accessing this website is prohibited.

13. StreamLord

StreamLord is a pretty secure experience that allows you to watch movies in your browser. However, you should always take basic security safeguards to protect your data and computer.

Without having to join up, you can watch new 2021 StreamLord full movies for free. Here you may watch movies without having to register.

14. Toxicwap

Toxicwap is the most popular movie download site for everyone looking for a quick and simple method to watch movies and TV shows. You may see and download both old and new films. When the web page loads, you have to type or input the name.

Toxicwap is the ideal source to get movies from when we are trying to avoid viruses or infected items. It’s safe to surf since customers or users have reported no problems.