6 Free League of Legends Account Generators

Gaining access to free League of Legends account generators is indeed very essential these days as people have a wider choice of entertainment, including when it comes to playing games. 

League of Legends is a team-based game with over 140 champions to make epic plays with. This game is free to play but to get advanced tools you need a premium account.

Today, gaming platforms such as League of Legends are available and allow everyone to basically play games on their devices. This is one of the most fun and interesting games to play today.

If someone wishes to have access to League of Legends, they will have to create and have an account on League of Legends.

For the first time, you will gain free trial access. During the trial, you can enjoy the membership feature that League of Legends has. After the time is up, you will have to pay to continue using the premium features.

For free accounts, there are different ways you can get this account including using account generator tools, promo codes, earning rewards online, and using it to purchase the membership and download League of Legends MOD APK.

League of Legends account generators are websites or apps where you can get free premium League of Legends accounts, including the password, to log in to the account. You can also check the purchase history.

There are generators for getting access to free League of Legends accounts. The popular ones are in the form of APK files and websites. 

If you don’t want to install many apps on your smartphone and want to search for the generator online, you can do it quite easily and there are many of them out there.

The tools will allow you to generate as many user names and passwords as possible to play the game for free. 

You just need to search for websites that give away free League of Legends accounts, along with the passwords and email addresses. 

Free League of Legends Account Generators

These websites down below is the list of websites where you can find free accounts with their passwords. They do not need any information from you. They are:

1. Cracked.io

Cracked.io is an account generator website designed specifically to generate accounts and passwords for free. 

With this tool, you can find free accounts on the top site including League of Legends. 

To get the free account on Cracked.io, visit the website and enter League of Legends on the search box, click on search, and wait for the result to show

Different user names and passwords you can use to log in to League of Legends will be made available for you to select from. 

The accounts are generated at random, it might be the freemium or membership However, you can use them to play the game for free.

The website is straightforward and easy to access. You do not need to sign in first to access the website or give away any information at all.

All you need is to the website, search for League of Legends and you’ll find the list of usernames and passwords for a free League of Legends account. 

The accounts are already generated randomly by the website, but they 100% work properly. If the account you pick to log in does not work, you can go try another account as there are so many of them.

2. TheAltening

This is one of the best League of Legends account generators. This tool randomly generates accounts and their username and password for you.

TheAltering gives you every information about your account that will be generated such as the username and password associated with that account.

it also uses tokens that are used to login into a League of Legends account as the website sees it as the best way for authentication. 

This website claims to provide its users with the cheapest but quality accounts. the only problem with TheAltering is that it provides its service for Windows users only. To use this account Generator, follow the step below:

Firstly, visit the website. You can do so by searching on Google, Just search for “TheAltering” and visit the 1st website.

You’ll see three options, among which you have to select the Free Version. With the free version, you will get a free League of Legends to account but with limited-time access. Next, click on Generate option.

After this, you will be requested to solve the captcha to confirm you are not a robot. Just after solving the caption, your free League of Legends account will be generated with limited access.

3. FauxID

FauxID is another League of Legends account generator where you can easily find a good number of free membership accounts. 

This site has been around for quite a long time and it generates free usernames and passwords for people who want to play League of Legends 

You do not have to create free trial accounts over and over again. You can use this website to gain free access and enjoy the League of Legends exclusive tools.

4. Freeaccount

The most interesting thing about this tool is that you do not have to generate fake accounts on your own. Those accounts are already there and you do not need to do anything to get your hands on them.

It can generate a free League of Legends account in a matter of a few clicks. It is very easy to use but does not guarantee that it is working 100%.

To use this tool simply visit the website of Freeaccount by searching on Google and visiting the first website. On the home page, you can read the option Generate. Just click on the green button and you are done. 

5. McAlts

Another League of Legends account generator that generates accounts for you in no time is McAlts. This website offers its service for free. Also, it is completely safe to trust this website.

To generate an account using McAlt, you first have to navigate to visit the website or search on Google, Just search “McAlts” and visit the first result.

Your browser will redirect you to its page in a few seconds. After that, wait no more and click on the Get Account Now option available right in the middle of its home page.

On the next page, you will be requested to continue with the free generator. You can also select Premium generator when it will be available and it is soon.

Right after that, after a countdown of a few seconds, your free League of Legends account will be generated.

6. Boomalts

This is a great tool for generating free League of Legends accounts. IT randomly generates numerous accounts with their password to access.

There is no registration or personal information needed. You can use the website to get a free League of Legends membership account.

This website is completely free as well which is one of the good things about this account generator. 

The benefits of this site are that it provides an unlimited number of usernames and passwords and it is very easy to use.

Now that you have read about free account generators for League of Legends, you can use them to access the membership feature. Pick your preferred website and try the account information they generate there.

If you have an account already and can’t log in you can reset the password. However, you might have an issue with the verification code, you can read why League of Legends SMS verification is not working so you can fix it.

It is good to let you know that most of the free-generated accounts or cracked accounts are pretty useless because they are banned in most cases. But it is always worth a try if the account you log in to works.