Gooey AI Animation Generator – How It Works

Gooey AI Animation Generator is a tool for creating AI-generated animations and content without the need for animation skills. It is used by filmmakers, animators, and creatives and it allows them to bring their ideas to life with ease.

The Gooey.AI supports various AI models from providers like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, offering flexibility and choice. It makes animation tasks, such as generating backgrounds and characters easier. The tool also enables you to share and explore your workflows easily. With a straightforward interface, customization options, and integration with communication platforms like WhatsApp and Slack, Gooey.AI is accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

Gooey AI Animation Generator

  • Animation Generator: It Simplifies the creation of AI-generated animations, supporting keyframes, prompts, and 3D settings for camera movements.
  • Model Access: Gooey.AI Provides hot-swappable access to private and open AI models from various providers like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and more.
  • Community Knowledge Integration (CoPilot Workflow): It Incorporates community knowledge into practical applications, such as creating multilingual WhatsApp bots for farmers by leveraging diverse content sources.
  • Art QR Codes: You can generate visually appealing AI-art QR codes for brand activation campaigns, with increased engagement compared to regular QR codes.
  • No-Code Interface: User-friendly interface requiring no coding skills, allowing users to define inputs easily for AI workflows.
  • Customization: Gooey.AI offers you extensive customization and tweaking options for advanced users, including the ability to hot-swap AI models and adjust prompts.
  • Community Examples: It also features a gallery of public workflows and examples from a large community of over 200,000 users, providing inspiration and insights.
  • Plug-And-Play API: The platform allows you to integrate Gooey.AI workflows into your applications seamlessly, connecting multiple workflows to create customized solutions.
  • One-Click Shareability: This enables you to share AI workflows easily, making them discoverable, replicable, and suitable for team collaboration.
  • Communication Integration: It also Integrates CoPilot workflows into popular communication platforms like Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, and websites or apps.
  • Infrastructure Options: This tool supports both hosted deployment (in-browser with no special GPU requirements) and on-premise deployment for enterprises.
  • Unified Billing: Transparent, usage-dependent pricing with unified billing, offering flexibility in managing credits and charges.
  • Enterprise Readiness: This allows enterprises to connect private data sources, run private workflows with on-premise hosting, and achieve SOC II Type 2 compliance.

Gooey.AI Pricing

Gooey.AI offers a mix of free and paid options. You can sign up for free with 1000 initial credits, allowing exploration of the platform without a credit card. Monthly plans are available for those looking to utilize the platform extensively.

Gooey.AI Animation Pricing

The basic plan is priced at $10 per month, offering 1000 credits and allowing you to cancel anytime. There is also a $50 per month plan that includes 5000 credits and special access to create bespoke interactive video bots. Additionally, Gooey.AI provides a Test Drive option, which allows you to pay $10 for 1000 credits, which can be used on an existing plan or a pay-as-you-go basis.

Gooey.AI primarily supports payments through Stripe, a widely used online payment processing platform. You can make payments using major credit cards through the Stripe payment gateway.

How to Use Gooey.AI Gooey.AI Animation Generator

Step 1 – Visualize your Video:

  • Use AI text prompts to describe each keyframe for your video.
  • Visualize the content and assign keyframes accordingly.

Step 2 – Add Frames and Frame Count:

  • Add prompts and keyframes as per your video’s narrative.
  • Specify the total number of frames for your video.

Step 3 – Hit Submit:

  • Click “Submit” to initiate the animation generation process.
  • The runtime varies (3-6 mins) based on the total frames and frame rate.
  • Adjust animation movement using camera settings for zoom, pan, and rotate techniques.
  • Assign zoom settings to keyframes.
  • Format: “frame number:(zoom speed)”
  • Use positive numbers for zoom-in and negative for zoom-out.
  • Example: “0:(1.004),50:(-1.004)”

Step 4 – Setting 2 – PAN:

  • Assign pan settings to keyframes.
  • Format: “frame number:(pan direction and speed)”
  • Use positive numbers for the left pan and negative for the right.
  • Example: “0:(3),50:(1)”

Step 3 – ROTATE:

  • Assign rotate settings to keyframes.
  • Format: “frame number:(rotate direction and speed)”
  • Use positive numbers for anti-clockwise and negative for clockwise.
  • Example: “0:(1),25:(-1)”

You can Try the provided example to see the Animation Generator in action.

These steps enables you to create AI-generated animations effortlessly, adding a dynamic touch to your creative projects.

Gooey.AI Animation is accessible through a web-based platform. All workflows can be run in your browser with no special GPU needed. This means that you can access and utilize’s features directly through a web browser without the need for additional software installations or specialized hardware.

To use Gooey.AI on the web, you need to navigate to the website, sign in, and access the platform’s features, including the AI Animation Generator and other workflow.