How to Cancel ExpressVPN Free Trial Before It Ends

ExpressVPN free trial is the plan that allows you to try out the services and enjoy all the benefits without paying for a specific number of days. If you want to cancel your free trial then you are at the right place. This article explains the various ways you can cancel ExpressVPN after free trial including how to check the end date.

If you signed up for the free trial, but are afraid that the end of the free days is coming close, ExpressVPN permits you to cancel your membership before the free days are over, and you won’t get billed.

How to Cancel ExpressVPN After Free Trial

If you’re only in it for ExpressVPN free trial, it’s best to cancel your membership before it expires, so you don’t forget and end up paying for an upgrade to a paid membership at the end of your trial. Fortunately, canceling the freemium plan is really easy, and you can do it on your phone or a computer.

After your cancellation, you actually have until the end of the trial to continue using your ExpressVPN membership.

Follow the instructions below if you want to cancel ExpressVPN after free trial through the web:

1. Go to ExpressVPN website and log in to your account.

2. Click on the “Account” icon.

3. Select the “Settings” option.

4. Scroll down to the subscriptions and click on “Manage”.

5. Click on “Cancel Subscription”.

Remember that if you do not cancel your ExpressVPN free trial before the end of your free trial period, your account will automatically be charged monthly.

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Via Google Play and iTunes

It is common to sign up for ExpressVPN free plan through Google, iTunes, etc, or even another service. Unfortunately, if you’ve signed up through one of those services, you can’t cancel directly through ExpressVPN. This is because your account is actually linked to another service.

Cancelling ExpressVPN Via iTunes

For those who signed up using iTunes, you can cancel by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.

1. Tap on your “Apple ID” at the top

2. Then tap “Payment & Subscriptions”. 

3. From here, locate the ExpressVPN subscription and cancel it.

Cancel ExpressVPN After Free Trial Via Google Play

To cancel your  ExpressVPN free membership through Google Play:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and click the three-line menu in the top left corner.

2. Tap “Payment & Subscriptions”. 

3. Tap on the “Cancel” option to cancel.

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Membership if Account was Hacked

ExpressVPN users sometimes fall into the hands of hackers. If your account was hacked and the login information changed, you may wonder what to do. You can’t log in to cancel the account, so how do you either get the account back or discontinue the billing for it?

If you don’t want to upgrade ExpressVPN through a third-party service, you’ll need help logging in. 

1. Go to the ExpressVPN login page.

2. Click “Need help?” button.

3. ExpressVPN will require what login information you do have and the billing method on file. 

Once you’ve provided this information, the support team will help you take back your account so that you can cancel it.

How to Check ExpressVPN Free Trial End Date

ExpressVPN expiration is a quick and easy procedure that allows you to know the remaining days to use the services offered by ExpressVPN and to see the automatic renewal date of the subscription.

If you recently signed up for ExpressVPN free trial, you can see how much longer you have in your free trial by going to your account page. 

To get there, log in to your account, you’ll find it’s easy to check the day your freemium subscription will end ExpressVPN and there are a few options. Follow the instructions below to check your subscriptions and renewal dates.

1. Click on the “Account” tab to the left. 

2. Click on “Payments & Subscriptions”.

3. Under Subscriptions check the list of subscriptions for expired subscriptions.

Note: If you do not see the subscription tab, it means you are logged in to a free account. Also, the expiration date of your subscription varies depending on the type of subscription you have chosen during the activation phase.

Can I Get a Second Free Trial of ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN offers you a free trial only once for an email address. So you can never have the free trial with the same email again. One thing you can do is to use or create a new email so can enjoy a second free trial account. To do this, you have to create a different account and add your payment details.

What Happens If you Cancel ExpressVPN Free Trial?

After canceling your trial plan you won’t be billed again unless you restart your account. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you can use ExpressVPN until the account cancels automatically at the end of the billing period.

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Unlike the ExpressVPN freemium subscription plan, which offers a limited version of the service for an unlimited amount of time. The ExpressVPN free trial model allows consumers to try out the full-featured service at no charge for a limited time. You can cancel the free plan before it ends just as we have explained above. 

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