How to Change Spotafriend Username

how to change Spotafriend Username,

Spotafriend is an app for teens to make friends with others nearby. You can look at people’s pictures and swipe right if you want to be friends. If both people swipe right, they can send private messages to each other. It’s not just an app; it’s a place for teens to join events and groups, and make real friends in their area.

Spotafriend will let you change your username and password if you can log in and access your profile settings. You have to keep your login credentials handy to achieve this.

How to Change Spotafriend Username

Spotafriend username is your display name, it is different from your ID. There are many times when we want to change our username on Spotafriend. 

We may be required to change our Spotafriend username for various reasons – maybe you misheard the name, dropped a letter, or misspelt it. Whatever the reason may be, you can easily change your display name in your account settings.

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In this post, you will learn to change your username (display name) on Spotafriend with an easy step-by-step guide. So without waiting any further let us quickly begin with the steps.

How to Change Your Username on Spotafriend

1. Open Spotafriend on your device.

2. Click on the My information option in the top-right corner. Make sure you’re logged in

3. Click on the Account option just underneath the username.

4. From there, select Personal Information which is right under the Info section.

5. You’ll see all the information about your account, including your username and ID. Click on the Edit option on its right side.

6. Enter your new username and select Save.

Note: Changing your username is not a solution for running away from your past behaviour on Spotafriend as user ID history is retained, regardless of how many times someone changes their username.

Spotafriend also allows users to reset their password but there are a few things you should check you have before you begin. Make sure to keep these two important things in mind.

1. Access to Email Account

If you, fortunately, did add a recovery email or phone number to your Spotafriend account then our job just became a lot easier. However, do make sure you have access to your email account/phone number in question so you can sign in and reset your Spotafriend password. 

2. Recovery Email/Phone Number

The contact information like a recovery email or phone number is your fallback plan for most accounts in case you lose the login credentials. 

You’re required to add one of them during sign-up and if you didn’t take the time to add one, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to reset your Spotafriend password the conventional way.

How to Change Your Spotafriend Password

If you have added an email or a phone number to reset your password for Spotafriend, here’s how to proceed. 

1. Open the Spotafriend login screen and select the Forgot your password option

2. Enter your email address in the empty text box below and press Submit. In case you added a phone number, click the phone number prompt below and do the same. You will then see a confirmation box verifying that the mail has been sent.

3. Now log in to your email account and check for the mail. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder.

4. From the email, click on the Reset Password button

5. Type in your new password and click on Submit and the changes will be applied.

Can I Reset Spotafriend Without a Password?

If you do not have an email or phone number associated with your account, please contact Spotafriend customer support. If you did not give a real email address when you created your account, Spotafriend cannot send you an email.

How Can I Change My Spotafriend Email Address

Yes, you can change your email, All you have to do is to log into your Spotafriend account and tap on your profile. Then scroll down and click Settings & Privacy, then click Settings. In the Account Settings section, select Profile details, scroll down to Contact info, then tap Edit and add your new email address.

What is Spotafriend ID? 

The Spotafriend ID is a unique value that every account on Spotafriend has. No two people have the same ID. Although an account can change its username, it can never change its ID.


That is all about how to change your username or reset your password on Spotafriend with the steps explained above. Wasn’t it easy? Indeed it was. With the help of this guide, we hope you can now edit your name on Spotafriend without any hassle. you can check more details on the official website

However, try to be as sure as possible that you’ve chosen a great new username, especially if you want to use the platform for a long.