How to Delete NovelAI Account

You can delete your NovelAI account if you no longer need the service, have privacy concerns, or are dissatisfied. Subscribing is beneficial for writers seeking AI-generated story ideas. NovelAI offers plans ranging from a free trial to premium options. Whether to delete or subscribe depends on changing requirements, preferences, and the desire for AI assistance in creative writing.

NovelAI is a tool designed to assist users in generating human-like writing. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create text based on your input, allowing your regardless of yiur writing ability, to produce quality literature. NovelAI offers a Natural Language Processing playground that utilizes AI models trained on real literature to provide users with a high degree of creative freedom.

How to Delete a NovelAI Account

To delete your account permanently on NovelAI follow these steps:

1. Open your browser and go to

2. Login to your account by inputting the credentials (password and username)

3. Now, go to User Settings

4. Click on the “Account option.

5. Scroll down to “Delete Account”

Delete NovelAI Account

Note that it is not possible to delete NovelAI account while subscribed.

Before we continue here is NovelAI subscription prices:

NovelAI Pricing
  • Paper Free Trial: This plan allows you to try the services of NovelAI at no cost.
  • Tablet Plan: Priced at $10 per month (USD).
  • Scroll Plan: Priced at $15 per month (USD).
  • Opus Plan: Priced at $25 per month (USD).

How to Cancel NovelAI Subscription

1. Log in to your NovelAI account and navigate to Subscription Management:

2. Click on the Subscription” tab within your account settings. This is where you can manage your subscription.

3. Within the Subscription Management section, you’ll see options related to your subscription plan.

4. Click on “Cancel Subscription”

5. Follow any on-screen instructions that NovelAI provides.

6. After initiating the cancellation, NovelAI might send a verification email to the address associated with your account. Check your email inbox and follow the instructions in the verification email.

7. You’ll encounter a popup asking you to enter the email address you want to use for account deletion.

8. Provide the required information as prompted.

9. After completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation message. Check for and save this confirmation for your records.

Keep an eye on your billing statements to ensure that you are no longer being charged for the NovelAI subscription.

Understand that NovelAI permanently delete all data corresponding to your account after the cancellation process is complete. You will not be able to recover any stories that have not been backed up.

Contacting Support NovelAI 

If you encounter any issues when trying to cancel your subscription, reach out to NovelAI support by sending an email to Clearly state your intention to cancel the subscription and include relevant details such as your username or the email associated with your account.