How to Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

Do you want to know how to make grass in little alchemy 2? We have written this comprehensive guide to help you achieve this task.

In “Little Alchemy 2,” players need to craft various elements, ranging from simple to complex combinations. One crucial element in the game is grass, and it’s particularly challenging to create.

How to make grass in little alchemy 2

Here’s how to make grass in Little Alchemy 2: the process is intricate and requires careful combining of elements.

How to Make Grass In Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, making grass isn’t straightforward. You can’t use starting elements to make it directly. Instead, you need to follow certain steps carefully.

There are two different ways to create grass in the game, but both require you to first make some special elements by combining others in a certain way. Let’s look at the steps you can take to make grass in the game.

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Making a plant

To make grass in Little Alchemy 2, you first need to create the plant element. Remember, grass is a type of plant, but making a plant isn’t simple in the game. It’s not a common element and requires several steps to create. Once you have the plant element, making grass becomes much easier.

In Little Alchemy 2, to make a Plant, you need to start with the Life element. Life is crucial because a plant cannot exist without it. Creating Life is one of the simpler tasks in the game.

You can make the Life element by combining Water and Energy elements. Another way to create Life is by using Primordial Soup, but this also requires water-based elements like Sea, Ocean, or Lake.

To get these water-based elements, you can combine:

  • Water + Water to make a Puddle
  • Puddle + Puddle to form a Pond
  • Pond + Pond to create a Lake
  • Lake + Lake to get a Sea
  • Sea + Sea to produce an Ocean

Once you have these elements, you can use them to make the Life element, which is the first step towards creating a Plant.

What To Combine With The Ocean

In Little Alchemy 2, after you create the Ocean, which is the last water-based element and is represented by an icon of water with waves, you can make Primordial Soup. You get Primordial Soup by combining Earth with either Sea or Ocean.

how to make grass in little alchemy primordial soup

Next, you need Energy, which is made by combining Fire with Fire. Then, it’s important to create Lightning, which involves several steps:

  1. Combine Earth + Earth to make Land.
  2. Land + Land creates a Continent.
  3. Continent + Continent forms a Planet.
  4. Combine Planet + Air to get Atmosphere.
  5. Atmosphere + Water results in Cloud.
  6. Cloud + Cloud makes a Storm.
  7. Storm + Land gives you Lightning.

When Lightning is created, a golden lightning bolt icon will appear on your screen. Now, you have all the elements necessary to create Life. Here are some combinations to make Life:

  • Lake + Lightning = Life
  • Sea + Lightning = Life
  • Ocean + Lightning = Life
  • Primordial Soup + Energy = Life

After making Life, you’ll see DNA and RNA on your screen, indicating that you can now create a Plant by combining Life with the Soil element.

Once you have the Plant element, making Grass is straightforward. Here are two ways to create Grass:

  • Earth + Plant = Grass
  • Plant + Land = Grass

This guide should help all Little Alchemy 2 players in their quest on how to make grass in little alchemy 2.

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Elements You Can Make With Grass In Little Alchemy 2

Once you’ve successfully made Grass in Little Alchemy 2, it becomes a valuable ingredient for creating many other essential elements in the game. Here’s a list of combinations where Grass can be used to craft different elements:

  • Grass + Sea = Seaweed
  • Grass + Mud = Swamp
  • Grass + Fog = Dew
  • Grass + Boulder = Moss
  • Grass + House = Lawn
  • Grass + Village = Park
  • Grass + Egg = Nest
  • Grass + Farm = Hay
  • Grass + Livestock = Cow
  • Grass + Field = Tobacco
  • Grass + Garden = Flower

With Grass, known as “nature’s carpet,” you can create a variety of important elements. Grass plays a crucial role in the ecosystem both in the game and in real life, supporting over 1000 species and covering 20% of Earth. It’s a key component for many living organisms.