3 Ways to Use Looka App

Looka is an online tool that is used for logo design and brand identity creation. It provides individuals and businesses with the tools and resources needed to design professional-looking logos and establish a cohesive brand presence.

With Looka, you can create unique and visually appealing logos through a simple and intuitive interface. This tool offers a wide range of customizable templates, fonts, colours, and symbols to suit different design preferences. You can also upload your own images and incorporate them into your logo designs.

In addition to logo design, Looka offers other brand identity assets such as business card designs, social media kits, and website designs. These features enable you to create a consistent and visually appealing brand across various platforms.

Looka also provides additional services such as domain name registration and website building, allowing users to bring their brand identity to life beyond just the logo design. It simplifies the logo design process and offers additional brand assets to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand presence.

How Much Does Looka Cost

Looka offers two logo packages to cater to different needs. The Basic Logo Package is priced at $20 USD and includes one PNG logo file. For those looking for more options and flexibility, Looka has a comprehensive Premium Logo Package available at $65 USD. This package includes multiple logo files and variations to suit your branding requirements.

With both packages, you have the freedom to make changes to your design, colours, layout, and fonts as often as you’d like, even after the purchase. Looka said it understands that branding evolves over time, and they want to ensure that you have the ability to adapt and refine your logo whenever necessary.

Whether you choose our Basic Logo Package or Looka Premium Logo Package, Looka strives to provide you with quality designs and the flexibility to customize and refine your logo to perfectly represent your brand.

How to Save Logo on Looka

Saving your logos on Looka is a seamless process that ensures your designs are preserved. Here’s how it works:

1. Looka automatically saves your logos: When you design a logo on Looka, the platform automatically saves your work. This means that you don’t need to manually save your logos or worry about losing any progress.

2. Autosave for design customizations: Looka also has an autosave feature that captures any customizations you make to your logo design. Whether you tweak the colours, layout, or fonts, your changes are automatically saved, ensuring that your logo reflects your desired modifications.

3. Logos remain indefinitely: Once saved, your logos remain stored in your Looka account indefinitely. You can access them at any time and make further adjustments or download them as needed.

4. Sign up for a free account: If you initially created your logo as a guest, it’s recommended to sign up and create a free account. By doing so, you can ensure that all your logos are securely saved within your account. Signing up also provides you with additional benefits and access to features offered by Looka.

How to Get a Looka Logo For Free

1. Visit the Looka website: Go to the Looka website at looka.com.

2. Start the free trial: Look for the option to start a free trial on the homepage or in the navigation menu. Click on it to begin.

3. Design your logo: Once you’ve started the free trial, you can use Looka’s logo design tools to create your logo. The tool offers a variety of customization options, including templates, colours, fonts, and symbols, allowing you to tailor the design to your liking.

4. Save and download: After you’re satisfied with your logo design, you can save it and download it in high-resolution formats.

However, with the free trial, you have limitations on the final files or access to certain premium features.

How to Upload Logo on Looka

Currently, Looka does not provide the functionality to upload or customize logos beyond the options available within their logo editor. Although their editor does not support multiple symbol elements on a logo, Looka’s extensive database includes symbols that incorporate multiple visual elements. 

However, it’s important to note that users are unable to upload their own logo designs or make customizations outside of the provided editor’s options. The customization capabilities are limited to the features and elements available within Looka’s logo editor.